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IB SCHOOLS IN MUMBAI BoardSchool ClassificationAnnual Fee DetailsVisit
CHAMAN BHARTIYA SCHOOLIB, ICSE, Not ApplicableCo-Ed₹2,30,000 - ₹3,00,000 Click Here
BGS INTERNATIONAL ACADEMIA SCHOOLIBCo-Ed₹2,30,000 - ₹3,00,000 Click Here
CANDOR INTERNATIONAL SCHOOLIB, IGCSE, Not ApplicableCo-Ed₹1,70,000 - ₹2,30,000 Click Here

The International Baccalaureate Organization recognizes IB schools in Mumbai. These schools are recognized in India. These schools provide their students with top-notch, application-based international education programs. Good IB schools encourage curiosity, develop critical thinking skills, and improve students' problem-solving skills. Therefore, as a parent, you must select the IB schools for your child.

The best IB schools focus more on knowledge assessment than memory and speed. The IB pedagogy motivates students to excel not only in their studies but also in their personal development. For students to live, learn, and work worldwide, IB schools are necessary to enhance students' academic, personal, emotional, and social capabilities.

Why Should You Select the Best IB Schools in Mumbai?

The goal of the top IB schools is to develop their students into global citizens. Additional advantages of enrolling your child in one of the best IB schools in Mumbai include the following:

  • The top best IB schools in Mumbai have gained a name for rigorous evaluation. This further helps get students to qualify for global universities. For this reason, Indian students preparing to study abroad often prefer these schools.

  • Beyond academics, the top IB schools in Mumba partner with global universities to promote overall development and global exposure through events and activities like TED-Ed Clubs, TEDxYouth, corporate experience programs, hobby classes, sports, community service, foreign language classes, career assessment, and some exploratory courses.

  • Some of the best IB schools have a “rolling admission” process. This means students may enroll at any time during the school year. This is particularly useful if you have relocated to Mumbai.

  • Some global universities provide IB certificate holders from IB schools in Mumbai with scholarships.

  • Each class in the top IB schools has no more than 25 students. As a result, teachers can provide each student with individualized attention.

  • The best IB schools in Mumbai have students of different nationalities. Moreover, these schools have many notable alumni.

  • The IB Diploma is equivalent to Class 12 CBSE, ICSE, NIOS, or State Boards, states the Association of Indian Universities (AIU). Many colleges and universities have posted information about their admission standards and regulations for IB students on their websites. Thus, an IB student is eligible to get admission to any Indian university.

  • Moreover, the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE), the Council of Boards of School Education in India (COBSE), and the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary & Higher Secondary Education, among other organizations, have all recognized the MYP as being equivalent to grade 10 of an India Board Assessment.

How to Find the Best IB Schools in Mumbai Near Me?

Now that you know the benefits of the top IB schools in Mumbai, you can shortlist some of them to find out the best one for your kid. Skoolz can help you out in the following way:

  • Visit Skoolz.in and type your desired location in the search bar.

  • Choose your desired school type and select the board as IB.

  • Set filters for the distance, facilities you want, and so on. For example, you can select the AC classes filter under the facilities option to get a list of IB schools in Mumbai that have air-conditioned classrooms.

  • Shortlist the top IB schools based on your requirements.

  • Apply to these schools through our admission application assistant.

What Are the Curriculum and Subjects for IB Schools in Mumbai?

The best IB schools in Mumbai offer the following programs:

  • Primary Years Program (PYP) for Kindergarten to Class 5 (3 years to 12 years age group)

  • Middle Years Program (MYP) for Class 6 to Class 10 (11 years to 16 years age group)

  • Diploma Program (DP) for Class 11 to Class 12 (16 years to 19 years age group)

Note that most IB schools in Mumbai offer one or two of the abovementioned programs. The remaining grades follow the curriculums of other boards like ICSE, IGCSE, etc.

The PYP is based on the following subject areas:

  • Language

  • Social studies

  • Mathematics

  • Arts

  • Science

  • Personal/social/physical education

The MYP focuses on the following areas:

  • Language acquisition

  • Language and Literature

  • Individuals and societies

  • Sciences

  • Mathematics

  • Arts

  • Physical and health education

  • Design

In IB schools in Mumbai, DP students can choose one subject from every subject group mentioned below:

  • Group 1: First Language (English)

  • Group 2: Second Language (French, German ab initio, Hindi, etc)

  • Group 3: Individuals and Societies (History, Economics, Business, and Management, etc)

  • Group 4: Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Environmental Systems)

  • Group 5: Mathematics and Computer Science

  • Group 6: Electives (either Visual Arts or a second subject from Group 3, 4, or 5)

What Are the Admission Criteria for the Best IB Schools in Mumbai?

IB schools in Mumbai ensure that children and their parents are well-aware of the IB curriculum to make an informed decision. Most IB schools have the following admission criteria:

  • Some IB schools provide a campus tour to students and parents so that they get an idea of the school's environment and facilities. Then, they decide if they want to go further with the admission process or not.

  • IB schools in Mumbai have certain general eligibility criteria for admission, such as the age requirements. While a few criteria may vary with every school, such as grade requirements. So, parents check their eligibility status and accordingly decide to apply.

  • These schools verify that the child has passed prerequisite or equivalent prerequisite exams, making them eligible for admission to the specific grade.

  • Every school has its own method to gauge and shortlist children for admission. The best IB schoolsmay require students to appear for entrance exams, critical thinking tests, or group discussions. Usually, students below grade 2 are not needed to appear for tests.

  • Good IB schools call parents and children for interviews, orientation sessions, or discussions with the principal, director, chairperson, or trustees.

  • At last, based on academic records, assessment, and parent & children meetings, the admission is finalized.

Some of the top best IB schools in Mumbai offer scholarships that cover part or whole of the tuition fee to eligible students. A few schools also consider the students’ participation in extracurriculars in the previous institute to shortlist them for admission.

What Are the Documents Required to Complete the Admissions Procedure for IB schools in Mumbai?

The following documents must be submitted in order to complete your application for IB schools in Mumbai:

  • Aadhar Card

  • Address proof

  • Birth Certificate

  • Passport-size photos

  • Transfer Certificate/School Leaving certificate (original)

  • Marksheet for the previous year

Steps to Apply Online for School Admission to Top-Rated IB Schools in Mumbai

Although you can visit many good IB schools to apply for admissions, you should select the best IB schools for your child. Skoolz can help you do that.

When you apply online with Skoolz, you can compare a variety of top-rated IB schools based on your needs. Moreover, you won’t have to stand in queues to submit the application.

So, here is how you can apply through Skoolz:

  • Visit Skoolz.in and enter your desired location in Mumbai into the search bar.

  • You'll get a list of IB schools.

  • Use filters, such as distance, facilities, classification, school type, etc., to add more criteria.

  • Make a final list of the top 5 IB schools you want to apply to.

  • Check the application dates for each shortlisted IB school.

  • Submit applications to your selected IB school(s).

  • Wait for approval from the school authorities.

  • You can log in to Skoolz.in to track your application.

Which are the best IB schools in Mumbai?

Mumbai, as a large metropolitan city, has a plethora of excellent IB schools. Choosing the right IB school for your child may thus be difficult. It also depends on your needs and your child's comfort, hobbies, and ambitions if they consider a school to be one of the top IB schools. So, you can evaluate IB schools based on facilities, global exposure, curriculum, fees, location, extracurriculars, and a variety of other aspects.

How much is the average fee in the best IB schools in Mumbai?

The fees of the best IB schools in Mumbai are quite variable. The expenditure mainly depends on facilities, global exposure, and career assistance. Also, many IB schools in Mumbai follow the curriculum of the ICSE board or other boards for some grades. This makes the overall cost of schooling differ. So, the fees in IB schools range anywhere from 4,00,000 INR to 8,00,000 each year.

Moreover, you can use Skoolz to find affordable IB schools in Mumbai based on your specified range.

How many schools should I apply to get my child admitted to the best IB school in Mumbai?

To increase the chances of getting admission to one of the best IB schools in Mumbai, parents usually apply to 4-5 top-rated IB schools.

How do the IB schools in Mumbai differ from other schools?

IB schools differ from other schools mainly in the following ways:

IB schools in Mumbai offer a wider variety of subjects for students' development. Also, instead of testing students' memory and speed, IB exams test their knowledge.

There are no externally evaluated exams up until the Middle Years Program (Class 10). The IB pedagogy places more emphasis on 'how to learn than what to study.'

The IB aims to create global citizens, but it can successfully incorporate the regional curriculum, especially regional languages.

Are students from IB schools in Mumbai taught Hindi and Marathi?

The IB programs allow for regional specialties. So, some IB schools give students the option of studying Hindi and Marathi.

Is the curriculum in the top IB schools in Mumbai difficult?

The curriculum of the top IB schools in Mumbai is a little bit more difficult than that of other boards, but only in terms of the quality, not the quantity, of the assignments. Moreover, the teachers are extremely skilled and sympathetic, guiding and guiding kids in the greatest ways they can.

Do students from IB schools in Mumbai need to bring their laptops to class?

A 1:1 device program is supported by the Primary Years Programme (PYP) in good IB schools in Mumbai. These schools provide laptops, iPads, or computers to all students in Kindergarten through Grade 4 or 5. They are then taught how to utilize them in integrated lessons led by their teachers. After Grade 4 or 5, students will need to bring their own devices.

Do IB schools in Mumbai have after-school activities?

In top-rated IB schools, both primary and secondary students can participate in a variety of extracurricular activities every day before and after school. These range from athletic to more creative pursuits. Students never run out of activities to participate in because these schools frequently host unique events like plays, games, and other events.

How can I keep track of my child’s progress in IB schools in Mumbai?

The best IB schools use various proven platforms/applications to facilitate communication between teachers, students, and parents. So, parents can check on their kids' attendance, academic development, homework, grades, curricular documents, and other activities from home or from anywhere in the world.

How can foreign national parents ensure that their child will not be discriminated against in IB schools in Mumbai?

The top IB schools in Mumbai encourage and work to foster cultural understanding. They support tolerance and open-mindedness across communities. In fact, a considerable number of students of different nationalities are studying in the best IB schools. So, parents shouldn’t worry that their child will be discriminated against in school.

Is food available on campus in IB schools in Mumbai?

Yes, food is available in many IB schools. Students can either buy lunch at school from the cafeteria or bring it from their homes. The cafeterias in the IB schools are cashless, and students are given a digital card on which they load money to make buying food easier. The card balance information is sent through text message to the phone number specified.

Can a student get admission to IB schools in Mumbai after completing their schooling through a different board?

A student can enroll in the IB Diploma Program after earning grade 10 level qualifications from CBSE, ICSE, or any other State Board. The program is equal to the 10+2 level of the CBSE. Parents must, however, make sure that their children are at ease with the new curriculum.

How do global universities perceive applications from students of IB schools in Mumbai?

Universities throughout the world hold students from IB schools in high regard. As the Diploma includes specialized programs such as the Extended Essay, Theory of Knowledge, and the Creativity, Activity, and Service program, it is regarded as a demanding academic program that adequately prepares students for university study.

How much does the average application for the top IB schools in Mumbai costs?

Every Mumbai-based IB school has a different application fee. So, the cost of the application form is estimated to be between 1000 INR and 3500 INR.

How to track the release of application forms for various IB schools in Mumbai?

You can track the application form release in the following ways:

  • Visit each IB school's website.

  • Look for admission information in newspapers.

  • Contact or visit each IB school.

  • Contact parents of other children from your preferred IB school.

To avoid many hassles, you can visit Skoolz.in to get detailed information on the application windows for the best IB schools. Moreover, you can track your application status through our hassle-free bookmarking. You won't have to be concerned about missing the application deadlines for the best IB schools.