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A list of the best schools in Bangalore with fees

Schools in BangaloreMonthly Fee
Vidya Sanskaar International Public School5,750
Tattva School6,000
Embassy Public School5,500
Sri Vidyalakshmi International Public School3,000
BGS International Academia School25,000
BGS International Residential School4,500
St. Sophia Convent High School5,800
Sainik Public School3,750
Atreya Vidyaniketan3,500
Rathnagiri Public School4,800


Things to consider before applying for admission to the best schools in Bangalore There’s a lot you need to consider before you select a school that’s perfect for your child. You need information about the application process, admission window, eligibility criteria, and much more to conclude.Therefore, do you have a checklist of considerations before finalizing the best school for your child? Here are the 8 - step checklist of considerations for finding the best school for your child.

  • Educational structure

    What’s the curriculum that the targeted school follows? Ensure you have sufficient knowledge about the mode of education, academic board, and extracurricular activities that the top schools in Bangalore provide.

  • There are plenty of education boards to choose from like CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education), ICSE (Indian Certificate for Secondary Education), IB (International Board), IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education), and the State Board.

  • Entrance exam

    Does the shortlisted school hold any entrance exams? If yes, what’s the curriculum, how long is it, and what’s the passing criterion. This information helps your child prepare well in advance for the entrance examination.

  • Schools also select students based on a lottery/draw method due to extensive application forms. In such a scenario, it’s recommended to have application forms filled and submitted to other schools with similar amenities as a backup.

  • Fee structure

    Before you comprehend the fee structure of any top-rated schools in Bangalore, you need to define the range that works well for you. Unless you know what’s affordable for you, it’ll be a tedious task to shortlist schools based on their fee.

  • Once you have this figure with you, it’s imperative to understand the fee structure that a school follows alongside all the other payments you need to make apart from the tuition fee.

    These payments can be broadly classified into recurring and non-recurring payments. Recurring ones are those that entitle you to make periodic payments. The period can be for each week, month, quarter, or even just once a year.

    These include payments like monthly tuition fees paid to the school, hobby class fees (if any), transportation fees, laboratory fees, sports ground maintenance fees, and more. On the other hand, non-recurring payments don’t have a defined payment cycle.

    These can be one-time payments like the ones you make during the admission process. School trip fees, payments made for paid seminars, workshops, etc., all come under the bracket of non-recurring payments.

  • Location

    It is recommended for parents to define the areas where they’re willing to find the top CBSE schools in Bangalore or schools from other boards too. What’s the maximum distance you can allow your child to travel daily for school? Do you wish to find a school near your residence only? 

  • All these questions must be considered before you finalize the ideal school for your child in Bangalore.

    In addition, it’s imperative to know the pickup and drop timings of the school’s official transportation facilities. This gives you a better idea of what the schedule (for both – the parents and the child) might look like if you proceed to finalize that school. Ideally, parents look for educational institutes closer to their residences to save time spent on the daily commute.

    To list all the schools around you or the desired area as per your choice, visit Skoolz.in, and use the “near me” filter on the homepage to get access to an extensive list of all the schools around you.

  • Student-teacher ratio

    The student-teacher ratio is a critical aspect to consider before you choose a school for your child. Parents often make the mistake of assuming that the school would have a balanced student-teacher ratio based on the campus size and large buildings.

  • However, you must take the extra step and list down the student-teacher ratios of all the shortlisted schools. As a parent, you want your child to get sufficient attention from the teacher, especially during the early years when your ward is still getting accustomed to a school’s learning environment.

    It’s the teachers who comfort children in school and make them feel at peace when they’re away from their beloved home. This is only possible when the school has a balanced student-teacher ratio. 

  • Special needs enabled

    Specially-abled children need customized facilities like ramps, wheelchair-friendly lifts, and more. All these must be duly considered and thoroughly examined before getting your specially-abled child admitted to any school.

  • Events and activities

    Learning at school happens inside as well as outside the classrooms. Therefore, you can consider your child’s hobbies and find the best schools in Bangalore that offer the best facilities for those hobbies. Schools that emphasize on ECAs without compromising on classroom education deliver stellar academic results year on year. 

  • Furthermore, your child gets to learn a lot about competition, teamwork, and more in such a holistic learning environment.

  • Safety and security

    A school that cares for the children always prioritizes the safety and security of the students within and outside the premises.

  • Deployment of security guards at the entrance, inspection-based entry into the school, CCTV cameras inside the classrooms, corridors, and more are promising signs of a school that gives dedicated attention to maintaining adequate security of the children and the staff members.

    How to find the top schools in Bangalore near me?

    As the admission season sets in, parents often start to question themselves, “how would we find the best school near us ?” All you need is to leverage Skoolz for your search, and our advanced product would take care of the rest.Here’s how:

  • Enter the desired location where you want to find the top private schools in Bangalore.

  • Provide additional information regarding the preferred board, distance, school format, and more. For example, you can apply filters on board and fees to obtain a curated list of the most affordable CBSE schools in Bangalore

  • Shortlist the schools that match all your requirements as per your personalized filters.

  • Compare the shortlisted educational institutes on Skoolz to narrow down your research.

  • Apply directly to the shortlisted schools within minutes with our admission application assistant.

What’s the age criterion for getting admission to the best schools in Bangalore?

Here is a table about the age criterion for the schools in Bangalore

ClassMinimum Age (as on June 1, 2022)Minimum Age (as on June 30, 2022)
Nursery2 years 5 monthsLess than 3 year 4 months
Junior KG 3 years 5 monthsLess than 4 year 4 months
Senior KG4 years 5 monthsLess than 5 year 4 months

It’s paramount to note that each educational institute follows its age criteria for admission. Therefore, your ideal step forward is to get in touch with the school’s representatives and get all the required information on the criteria they follow regarding admissions.

Skoolz helps you with the same by curating all the details regarding the best schools in Bangalore. You can apply your desired filters to get hassle-free access to a list of schools that match your requirements.

Steps to apply online for school admission to the top-rated schools in Bangalore The whole journey of the admission process for schools can be very complicated and tedious.Comprehending the standard admission process information and know - how helps a lot in making the journey less complicated.

Understanding the application process for schools better helps in selecting the best schools in Bangalore that you must have on your list.

Applying online for school admission is the right choice for numerous reasons. First, you save yourself from the hassle of paying physical visits to each shortlisted school, waiting for your turn, and finally submitting the admission form.

Next, you get to compare several schools based on personalized parameters when you apply online with Skoolz. Here’s the process you need to follow:

  • List all the schools around you or the desired area as per your requirements

  • Compare the enlisted schools based on numerous parameters to further curate the list.

  • Make a final list of the schools that match your requirement and that you want to apply to.

  • Check for the application window dates. The application process for schools starts a year early in the academic year. Generally, in the case of early schooling years like pre-nursery and nursery, the application window opens much earlier in comparison to classes 1 and above.

  • Apply to the desired schools within the defined period.

  • Fill in your child’s information as per the questions in the application form

  • Follow the student selection process for the applied schools and wait to get the final confirmation from the school.

  • You can submit the application form and track it without any hassle by logging into Skoolz.in

What are the documents required during the admission process?

Here’s a detailed list of the documents and information you need to provide to fulfil the admission procedure:

Student’s informationIdentity documents
Parent’s informationPhotographs
Address informationBirth certificate
Contact detailsProof of residence
Family incomeTransfer certificate
Parents’ educational qualificationsPrevious year report card
Parents’ work detailsBasic immunisation certificate
Siblings (if any)
Any known alumni

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which are the top schools in Bangalore?

Bangalore is a metropolitan city and home to some of the best CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, and IB schools all over India. It’s up to the parents to finalize the school that best fits their requirements.

Which educational boards are available in the schools in Bangalore?

You can find an array of school boards in Bangalore. Therefore, you can shortlist the schools based on their board, and then further curate the list by applying additional parameters like fee, distance, and more. Here’s a list of the school boards offered by the best public schools in Bangalore as well as private institutes:

  • CBSE

  • ICSE


  • IB

  • SSLC

  • PUC

How to compare top-rated schools in Bangalore?

Choosing the right school for your child is no walk in the park. Therefore, it’s imperative to understand the various parameters on which you can compare the shortlisted schools. These include

  • Fee structure,

  • Distance from residence,

  • Co-curricular activities

  • Extracurricular activities,

  • Indoor & outdoor sports they offer,

  • Student-teacher ratio,

  • Amenities,

  • Teachers, and much more.

You can compare up to 3 schools using Skoolz.in compare option

  • Search for the school as per desired location

  • Shortlist top-rated schools in Bangalore as per your preferences

  • Click compare button on the Skoolz.in page

  • Get to know the difference between each school in details

How much is the average fee of Bangalore schools?

The fee that a school charges in Bangalore are in exchange for the facilities and amenities your child would get during their stay in that school.Therefore, the fee can be as low as ₹1, 000 per month to as high as ₹30, 000 a month.

You can leverage Skoolz to shortlist the best schools in Bangalore with fees and choose the ones that fall within your desired range.

How many schools should I apply to get my child admitted to a reputed school in Bangalore?

There’s no thumb rule for applying to multiple schools to get your child admitted to a top schools in Bangalore.However, parents often follow this practice to mitigate risk and ensure that your child, and you get what you want, i.e., admission to a leading education institute in the garden city.

Are there any admission criteria for the schools in Bangalore?

Age is the pivotal criterion for admission to the top pre - primary and the best primary schools in Bangalore.The score of the entrance examination is another criterion you must keep in mind.

What are the various types of application forms for schools?

Application forms for schools can be different for each school. How ? Well, some only take online applications, others prefer taking hardcopy / offline applications(meaning you must physically visit the school to get and submit the application form), while many accept applications from both online and offline methods.

What’s the average application form fee for the  top-rated schools in Bangalore?

The application form fee for schools ranges anywhere from ₹100 to ₹2000.Prices vary depending on the school, class, and educational board.

What are the ways of tracking the release of application forms for various schools?

Missing the application window can potentially mean not getting the chance to get your child admitted to the desired school. Each school operates differently as some have a shorter duration(a few weeks), while others have a longer admission window(several months).

You can keep a track of the application forms by:

  • Visiting individual schools' websites regularly and checking under the “new admission” tab

  • Calling each school and inquiring about it

  • Newspapers or other news portals

  • Paying personal visits to the school to inquire

  • Relying on word-of-mouth for the information to reach you

To make the process straightforward, authentic, and reliable, you can visit Skoolz.in where detailed information about the application windows for the best schools in Bangalore is available at your fingertips.

In addition, tracking them becomes much easier with our hassle-free bookmarking option. This way, you don’t need to worry about visiting multiple school websites or paying physical visits too.

What to do after I submit an online application form?

Once you have filled out the application form and submitted it within the defined time, you might be asked to take a physical copy of the application form along with the admission payment fee receipt and submit it at the school.You might also be requested to carry a physical copy of all the documents attached while filling out the online application form, including photographs.