Using Nature As A Learning Tool (Everyday)

Using Nature As A Learning Tool (Everyday)

This webinar is a combination of information and discussions about learning from Nature. In this session, Vishnupriya Hathwar shows how learning can happen naturally, irrespective of the learner being in school or at home. Learning from nature is a natural and fun process that not only keeps the learner occupied but enhances their observational, exploratory and questioning skills for all ages. What can be learnt from nature, you ask? Everything from academic subjects and topics to soft skills, from maintaining inner peace in dire times to working together to solving common societal problems. Vishnu will talk about learning from nature and show how concepts and subjects are interlinked with each other and how to connect with nature directly from his terrace garden. In this webinar, parents and children will be introduced to simple steps on how they can connect themselves to nature, what all they can learn as per their age (introduction of young children to concepts of language through nature, learning topics and subjects from nature to mid schoolers, learning life skills, soft skills like leadership, empathy etc. from nature to teenagers). This will be a combination of talk and walk with practical experience within a terrace garden. The primary objective of this webinar is to show how we need not wait for school, textbooks or google alone for giving us information. We can learn a lot from Nature around us without having to step out of our house during these pandemic times. Also, the audience will be introduced to activities on destressing, maintaining inner peace through Nature.


Parents and children


1 hour






4 PM - 5 PM




1. Audience is introduced to new ways of learning and teaching themselves ( atmanirbhar) as well as helping others as well.

2. Learning from Nature is a very natural and simple way of learning and teaching with minimum financial burden as well.

3. Learning is for life (along with academics, we can learn soft skills, stress busting techniques etc.).

4. Learning does not need to stop due to pandemic, infact we can learn and apply nature's workings to our lives to enrich it as well. "


The Humanity Express

Mr. Vishnupriya Hathwar
About Speaker:

I am an Educator, Naturalist and the Author of the book - The Invisible Link. I specialize in Nature based learning methods. I aid people by consistently enhancing their learning and teaching processes by providing personalized experiential training with Nature as the medium of understanding. Being pioneers in the integrated and natural learning processes, we provide quality services and products to folks who like to see a long term positive effect on themselves and their children.

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