Power Parenting

Power Parenting

The background: On average, parents/schools spend 20 years of their time, a lot of money and energy to ensure that their child/children have a bright future, but the outcome is uncertain. Few succeed by following traditional methods based on guesswork, but most struggle. No scientific process is followed to assess the mindset of a child, to identify and build the true potential, talent and natural ability of a child.

And the result: Hyperactivity, Low Self Confidence, Tv-Mobile Addiction, Average or Mediocre Academic Performance, Confused Mindset, Low Self Esteem in children.

The missing link: Parents have no idea about the unique learning nature of their child. No advanced diagnostic tools or validated platforms are available to identify children's natural & mental abilities early in the age, lack of personalized parenting solutions and guidance methods.

The requirement: All technology sectors have their own standardized measurement metrics and diagnostic tools. Time can be measured in Seconds, Weight in Kilos, Current in Amperes, Distance in Meters or Temperature in Celsius. We can reorder anything if we can measure it. Standard diagnostics is the key to success. The human mindset can be reprogrammed for better performance if we can diagnose it in early childhood.


Parents of children from 3 years to 13 years


1 hour






4 PM - 5 PM




Sample worksheets for children


Educational Consultant, V3 Learning Solutions

Mr. Vaidhyanath
About Speaker:

Mr.Vaidhyanath has been an educational consultant since 2000 and has around 21 years of experience in early childhood education. He is a professional trainer and has been training teachers on phonics and phonemic awareness for the last 18 years. He is also a literacy consultant and trainer for I CAN READ from Singapore. He has conducted several teacher training programs and parent workshops across South India. He is a British Council certified trainer and trains students preparing for IELTS examination. He has been instrumental in starting the first New Zealand school KIWI LEARNERS in India..

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