Invest In Our Planet

Invest In Our Planet

An exclusive conversation with Mr. Chandra Bhushan, an eminent environmentalist!

Honourable Speaker:

Mr. Chandra Bhushan, Chief Executive Officer at International Forum for Environment, Sustainability & Technology (iFOREST), is one of India’s foremost environmentalists. Over the past two and a half decades, he has engaged in a wide range of environmental issues through research, writing, and advocacy and has been at the forefront of several public policy campaigns. An engineer and environmental planner by training, Bhushan integrate scientific and technical expertise with socio-economic realities to solve multi-dimensional ecological and developmental challenges. His scope of work encompasses both global and local issues - from climate change and energy transformation to rights of mining-affected people and environmental governance. He has authored/ co-authored 20 books, more than 60 publications, and numerous articles. He writes regular columns in Times of India, Financial Express, Navbharat Times, Malayala Manorama, and Rajasthan Patrika.

He was conferred with the Ozone Award by the UN Environment in 2017 for his contributions in advancing the implementation of the Montreal Protocol to protect the Ozone layer and solve the Climate Crisis together.


Ms. Nidhi Kumar, Celebrity show host on India’s public broadcaster DD NEWS and DD NATIONAL, Ministry of Science and Technology,Media Red Carpet entertainers, Trustee Netaji. 

She has spearheaded many environmental projects and is a motivational speaker for the young Indians.

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