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Theatre-related activities can benefit your child's development in many ways, and these opportunities aren't just available through your local theatre troupe or drama class. Your child can develop her imagination through theatre-related activities like acting, singing, performing, or even just playing pretend, reading aloud to books, and imagining things around the house.

Most of us dreamed to direct our own movies when we were youngsters. When we spotted something spectacular happening, we would take a carton, design it to resemble a clapperboard, and yell "cut" at it. The fact that we lacked today's sophisticated technology made things challenging.

Now that we live in the digital age, when technology is pervasive, any child can become a filmmaker as long as they have even the slightest enthusiasm or desire for making movies.

They only require a little parental assistance and direction to be successful.

Our Guest Speaker Ms. OM KATARE would be shedding light on the art of theatre and direction during this interactive session with the children and the celebrity show host Mrs. NIDHI KUMAR.

About the Guest Speaker:

Om Katare, a stalwart director, actor and a playwright, has been running Yatri Theatre for the last 43 Years.

His life has been a dedication to Hindi Theatre through which, he has been successful in establishing the popularity of theatre in India. Having rejected many opportunities of fame and wealth through numerous offers in Film & Television, he till date, continues to grow in theatre, giving opportunities alike to established as well as new and upcoming talent.

Having started from a small town call Datia, located in Madhya Pradesh, his climb to success has been entirely self made.

He graduated from Filmalaya, in Mumbai, Maharashtra with flying colors and has never looked back ever since. He established Yatri in the year 1979.

Some of his work in theatre-

He has directed more than 100 Productions since the inception of Yatri.

He has performed more than 5500 shows of the productions.

Performed in more than 10 cities across the world.

Performed in more than 70 cities across India.

Organized 43 Theatre festivals.

Trained more than 1500+ Actors.

More than 60 Theatre Workshops

Social Causes and Contribution to Society.

Original Writing.

About the Host: 

Mrs. Nidhi Kumar, Director Media Management, Skoolz & Celebrity show host on India’s public broadcaster DD NEWS and DD NATIONAL, Ministry of Science and Technology, Media lead and ambassador for Mitron App and Advisory board. Media Red Carpet entertainers, Trustee Netaji. She has spearheaded many environmental projects and is a motivational speaker for young Indians.

Age Limit:    3 Years to 14 Years.

Date & Day:    27th November 2022, Sunday 

Time:    10:00 am – 10:45 am

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