Chinnara Gana Vaibhava this Shivratri

Chinnara Gana Vaibhava this Shivratri !!!

Our culture, our traditions, our language are the foundations upon which we build our identity.

Dasa Sahitya is a literary genre in Kannada, first seen in the late fifteenth century. It is making its mark both in literature and in Indian classical music.

Haridasas ("servants of God") were preachers of bhakti. Haridasas had always emphasised on the importance of devotion in the lives of people. They always encourage people to strive, struggle

and achieve their goals through the right means. The Haridasas contributed to the rich heritage of Carnatic music.

Some noted composers of Dasa sahitya: Naraharitirtharu, Sripadarajaru, Vyasatirtharu, Vadirajatirtharu, Raghavendra Teertharu, Purandaradasaru, popularly known as Karnataka sangeeta pitamaha or " Grand Father of Carnatic music", Kanakadasaru,Vijaya Dasa,Gopaladasaru, Jagannathadasaru and many more.

Celebrate the richness of DASA SAHITHYA with Skoolz in association with DASANAMANA!

1. Join the Dasanamana Facebook group today.

2. Like Skoolz Facebook page/group.

3. Fill in the registration form to avail E-certificate and Gift Vouchers.

4. Record your kid singing any kruthi of Dasarapada and save it in a drive.

5. Email the drive link to dasanamanafbgroup@gmail.com and have your talent showcased in a 91k members group on Facebook.

6. The kid's video will be uploaded by Team Dasanamana in their youtube channel and will be shared from 27th Feb to 1st Mar 2022 in their FB group.

7. The post will tag Skoolz social media page and the Participant.

Important Notes:

1. Submissions are accepted from 22nd February to 26th February 2022. Late entries would not be accepted.

2. Only Dasarapada or Kruthis with ankitha will be accepted.

3. One song per kid is accepted. AGE CRITERIA – 2 Yr to 16 Yr

4. The kid should wear ethnic attire while performing.

5. Past videos are not permitted.

6. The recording should be shared via drive link to maintain its quality.

7. Time limit of the song: Max 6 mins max.

Every Participant will receive E-certificate & Hobby classes Gift vouchers from Skoolz.

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