Why Are People Switching To Homeschooling?

Why Are People Switching To Homeschooling?

Home schooling as the name implies is educating school aged children at home. It is unlike the traditional practice of sending children to a school for their formal education.

Homeschooling aims at customizing studies as per the child’s interests and strengths. It falsifies the “One size fits all” practice of the conventional education system. While many parents across the globe had started switching to homeschooling in the past few years, the COVID-19 pandemic has fueled its growth.

As per the statistics, amidst the pandemic, over 300 million students were homeschooled across the world. In fact, 41% of parents now prefer homeschooling their kids.

All this surge in preference has not been without a reason. There are many reasons why parents are now switching to homeschooling for their kids. Let us go through some of these:

1. Holistic yet flexible learning

Homeschooling doesn’t strictly need students to complete a dedicated number of hours confined in the classroom. It rather makes the whole world their classroom anytime they want.

For example, to make the kids understand concepts such as navigation in geography, you can take them on a trip. Similarly, rather than asking the child to do mathematics using conventional questions, you can ask her to calculate the cost of groceries.

This does not only make the learning process fun but also close to the real world.

2. Eliminates prejudicial school environment

Remember listening to or facing the instances of bullying at school? They can be quite traumatizing for the child. Protecting kids from such experiences is one of the leading reasons why parents are increasingly switching to homeschooling.

In fact, it’s not easy for parents to know if their child is being bullied at school. After all, there’s no report card that records such instances. While teachers in the classroom may overlook a child being bullied, its effects often get magnified with time, leading to lower grades and fragile self-esteem.

3. Better control over the quality of education

The formal education system follows the same curriculum for all. Many a time, when the curriculum becomes outdated, updating it becomes a long and tedious task for educational bodies.

However, homeschooling is not limited by any such constraints. It allows parents to upgrade the skills and knowledge for their kids as per the world around and their child’s interests.

In fact, homeschooled children have better resources to learn. In addition, while a teacher cannot give one-on-one attention to every student in the classroom, a parent can do it easily at home.

4. Uninterrupted learning

It’s common for families to shift places due to reasons such as job change or relocation. When this happens, one does not only need to look for a new school for the kids but also consistent education.

However, this does not really hold true for homeschooled children. No matter where you go, you can still continue the child’s education with the same vigor and quality.

While these are some of the most common reasons why people are switching to homeschooling, there are many more. For example, for the children involved in theatre performances, music, or art, traditional schooling becomes tough to comply with. But homeschooling helps them pursue their talents without compromising on their education.

To conclude, homeschooling is changing the educational landscape for the betterment of children. Since it does not need them all to follow the exact same curriculum despite having different talents or interests, parents are switching to educating their children at home for better learning—academically, mentally, and emotionally.

Swapna Seshadri

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