Top 10 vocational courses that Bangalore Schools offer

Top 10 vocational courses that Bangalore Schools offer

If you are a parent from Bangalore wanting to enroll your child in a good school, you must be wondering about the vocational courses Bangalore schools offer. As the name implies, a vocational course attempts to train students for a certain career, vocation, or trade. These courses are tailored to the needs of the students and are quite straightforward in their goal of preparing them for employment.

Here are the top 10 vocational courses Bangalore schools offer.

1) Indus International school

Beyond academics, this school provides some amazing vocational courses Bangalore schools offer.

They run a Community Kitchen on the school grounds. The project is primarily focused on malnutrition among migrant labourer children within a 10-kilometer radius of the school. They offer aquatics and horse riding. Indus has qualified trainers that provide kids with high level instruction. Swimming courses are offered to students in grades kindergarten through twelve as part of their normal educational programme.

Indus has training courses for horse riders of various skill levels. Horse care and stable management are among the topics covered in the training. Once the learner can comfortably walk, trot, and canter, there will be natural development for the novice rider. The classes involve training the horses in lateral motions, such as leg yield, shoulder-in, and so on.

2) The Valley School Bangalore

Again, they have some of the best vocational courses Bangalore schools offer. Beyond academics, there is an art village, sports program, Environmental program and outreach programs.

The art-village is a location for a person to pursue art and aesthetics beneath a large banyan tree. This area is a space where each individual's uniqueness and naturalness are appreciated. Here, a student’s mind and body plays the most important role.

Some of the activities of the art village are painting, woodwork, sculpting, threadwork, pottery, etc. There are three basketball courts, a football field and a volleyball court. The Valley has started and supported a variety of outreach programmes that go beyond the usual school activities during the last many years.

3) Inventure academy

They also have some of the best vocational courses Bangalore schools offer. The Inventure Changemaker Program aims to develop a group of socially conscious individuals capable of advocating for, leading, and influencing social and environmental change. Students have created solutions such as crowdsourcing information on the quality of our water and the rejuvenation of our water bodies, traffic solutions, social and environmental issues that affect today's youth.

Its collaboration with Round Square allows their students to participate in regional and international conferences as well as student exchanges.

They also have Model United Nations, a fantastic method for Inventure students to learn about the dynamics of international politics.

4) Mallya Aditi International School Bangalore

Students at Aditi publish their own newspapers and publications. They offer some of the most wonderful vocational courses Bangalore schools offer. The Joke, Silhouette, The Scribbler, The White Crayon, The Big Issue, Aditi Spectrum, and The Wise Guy are examples of past student magazines.

Every year, Aditi students of all grades participate in a Domains of Development week, a learning initiative. Personal, social, experiential, and artistic development are the four domains defined by MAIS. So one grade may go to a pottery and paper-making workshop, while another might study South Indian music and dance in Chennai, and still another might go rock climbing and hiking.

5) Jain International Residential School

They encourage students to develop creative thinking, competence, and leadership skills via a variety of activities. They provide leisure activities such as yoga, meditation, painting, acting, quizzes, music, and dancing to assist students develop active and healthy minds.

Harvard Model Congress is the world's biggest high school legislative simulation. Students at HMC receive a firsthand look at how the American government works by playing the roles of world leaders and international decision-makers while tackling some of the world's most important issues on an international level. They also offer Model United Nations platform, visual and performing arts courses making these some of the best vocational courses Bangalore schools offer.

6) The International School Bangalore

They have a number of activities making these some of the most amazing vocational courses Bangalore schools offer.

They offer after school activities like Art, Aviation, Ballet, Chess, Coding, Contemporary Dance, Craft, Debating, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Fencing, First Aid French, Kathak Dance, Karate, Math Club, Music, Newspaper Club, Photography, Robotics, Shooting Sports, Tabla, Trinity Speech & Drama and Yoga

7) Greenwood High International

Greenwood High International offers plenty of good courses that make them some of the greatest vocational courses Bangalore schools offer. They offer activities like Robotics, Contemporary Dance, Theatre/Drama, Music, Cooking/ Baking, Gardening and Environmental, Speak Up/ Public Speaking And Poetry club, Chess,Art, MUN, Photography, Coding, Aviation Club, International Relations and Current Affairs and Film Analysis and Production.

8) Stonehill International School

Technology, Sports, The Arts, and Community Service are among the more than fifty diverse activities available. Aeromodelling and robotics are among them, as are dancing and pottery, karate, horseback riding, math club; and working with old age homes and impoverished youngsters. They offer some of the best and useful vocational courses Bangalore schools offer.

9) Canadian International School

They offer some of the most high quality vocational courses Bangalore schools offer. Their Athletics & Activities programmes give students the opportunity to demonstrate their strengths while also teaching them important skills that they may use during their time at CIS and beyond. Football (soccer), basketball, swimming, table tennis, tennis, cricket, and volleyball are among the sports available. They also offer Chess & Board Games, Debate, Do-It-Yourself Projects, Drama, Dance, Arts & Crafts, Knitting, Martial Arts, Model United Nations Conferences and Student Council.

10) Ebenzer International School

Beyond academics, they provide wonderful courses for their students. They offer drama, art and design, lifelong fitness programs, outdoor sports like football, swimming, lawn tennis, basketball, chess and yoga.

EISN collaborates with a number of local and international organisations on a variety of initiatives, including Model United Nations, community outreach, and sustainable living, to integrate international learning throughout the academic year.

These are 10 vocational courses Bangalore schools offer. There are many more schools with some amazing courses. Do your own research and look for the best one for your kid.

Swapna Seshadri

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