Tips to Select the Best ICSE School in Bangalore

Tips to Select the Best ICSE School in Bangalore

Education is important not only for assuring a good future but also for gaining knowledge for living a moral life. However, the quality of education that your children receive depends on many factors, and one such factor is the board of affiliation. The school board and the quality of education make a significant difference. If a child's foundation is set on a strong foundation, their success is assured.

Additionally, with so many choices available to parents, deciding the right school for their children can be a tough task. If you belong to Bangalore and are looking for the famous ICSE schools in Bangalore, then this write-up is for you.

The team of Skoolz brings to you complete information related to the tips that can be used for finding the best ICSE affiliated schools in Bangalore or the famous ICSE schools in Bangalore for your child. Take a look!

1. Academics

The school must hire a qualified and experienced facilitator who could offer top-notch education to the students. ICSE board is very modern in its approach, and this is why the curriculum keeps changing in a year or two. Institutions like Spurthy Global School have veteran faculties to ensure that every child gets the best opportunity, attention and learning experience. In addition to this, the school must focus not only on theoretical knowledge but also on practical understanding as well. Therefore, well-equipped laboratories should be present in schools.

2. Digital classroom

ICSE schools in the current era are quite advanced and rely on technology. By helping children think outside their typical learning modes, ICSE affiliated schools in Bangalore are encouraging digital learning to inspire creativity and let children feel a sense of accomplishment that encourages further learning.

3. Transportation

The most preferred, safest, and most frequently used transportation facility available for the students is school buses. At NewAge World School, the transportation facility is facilitated by GPS tracking devices and CCTVs. Furthermore, the school also organizes a plethora of contests and competitions for the overall shaping of the student's personalities like debates, writing competitions, swimming etc.

4. Extra-curricular activities

For the overall personality development, provisions for extracurricular activities conducted should also be there in the chosen ICSE school, which might comprise art, craft, singing, life skills, essay writing, and public speaking. Students must have the opportunity to participate in these extracurricular activities in addition to their studies. To increase students' confidence, schools must offer personality development classes. Students can be trained at various stages in this manner. The act of creating something new is the first step in the process of making something new.

Salient features of ICSE Curriculum:

  • The curriculum is designed in a form that helps maintain the balance between extracurricular activities & academics. This helps students to work on the skills of their choice apart from their academics.
  • English literature is gaining extra popularity these days. ICSE schools focus on improving the command of students over English. This will certainly be advantageous for your child in future as English is considered one of the important subjects fostering the language development of the students.
  • To improve visual-spatial skills in the kids, the board incorporates art education as a part of the curriculum.

The ICSE board appeals to most parents because it offers a more thorough and well-structured education. It also ensures that children are well-prepared to pass international entrance tests. Hope we have provided you with enough to understand what factors to look for while choosing an ICSE school for your child. In case of any doubt, you can reach out to Skoolz. It is an established source of high-quality education and career information in India. Want to know more details of ICSE affiliated schools in Bangalore? The team of Skoolz is here to answer all your questions.

Swapna Seshadri

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