Things Parents Should Consider Before Finalizing a CBSE School

Things Parents Should Consider Before Finalizing a CBSE School

Being a parent, you want the best for your child and wish to see them excelling in every field. A renowned CBSE school brings you one step closer to that dream and sets the right path for your child’s professional and personal success. A school that leaves no stone unturned in teaching theoretical and practical skills along with cognitive development.

However, with the rising commercialization of education, finding a good school is not as easy as picking a cupcake. It requires thorough research on your part regarding several factors such as location, quality curriculum, facilities, etc. Nowadays schools try to lure parents by showing fancy buildings and amenities but it is so much more than that.

Make sure you are taking a complete note of the academics, extra-curricular activities, environment of the school etc. before enrolling your child there for the years to come. This blog will guide you about the things that every parent should consider before choosing a CBSE school.

1. Consider academic reputation

The very first thing to notice about a school is its academic prowess and exam results. This is what helps a school secure its position in the list of best schools across India. Some of the top CBSE schools in Bangalore have received accolades of excellence which speaks for itself.

Research your bit about the ways it imparts education and if it is able to meet high-quality academic standards or not. Don’t be in a hurry while making such important decisions and check whether the school is making hollow claims or is it authentic. Get clarity regarding the curriculum and various options that it offers to cater to a specific learning pattern.

At any point in time if you feel that your child won’t be able to adjust to the school curriculum properly, then try to find a better school for him. Every child is different and so do their learning habits and it’s essential that it is at par with the respective school program.k

2. State of the art facilities

In order to develop a child’s talent and give him a wholesome platform, schools are trying to develop their infrastructure. It is done by accommodating modern amenities in the pursuit of offering new experiences to its pupils. CBSE schools, across the nation, are evolving themselves to provide a vibrant learning atmosphere and facilitate individual growth.

Facilities such as well-equipped labs, a library, an auditorium, proper sports amenities should be available to keep the students at par with the rest of the world. Look for yourself whether the school has these facilities or if it merely uses them for advertisement.

You can plan a visit to assess the situation and post that, you can take your decision. These amenities are no longer a luxury but have become a necessity for the holistic development of your child.

3. Opportunities for long-term development

It's important for a school to offer opportunities for long-term growth rather than totally focusing on academic results. Make sure to enroll your child in a CBSE school that develops his skill set with the guidance of well-trained faculty and support staff. Top schools of Bangalore consider this an important parameter of a student's overall development. They take initiatives to prepare students for higher education by training them in their interest areas.

Gone are the days when getting into a prestigious college was easy but today, one has to clear highly competitive exams. So, those students who create a strong foundation in their school life are better able to excel in these exams.

However, not all schools are dedicated to preparing their students for these challenges. So, make sure you are taking care of this aspect as well while admitting your child.

4. Be mindful of the fee structure

There is a misconception that the costly the school the better its education but it's hardly true. It's understandable that education has become expensive over the years and investing in your child’s education is more of an investment. However, it does not mean you try to find the most expensive school by burning a hole in your pocket.

Try to opt for a school that has a reasonable fee structure and research other important factors before sealing the deal. Some of the best schools in Bangalore have nominal fee structures and are kept as per the industry standards. Try to rewire your ideas and understand that your little one deserves more than your money, something which offers a dynamic learning experience and prepares him not just for exams but for life.

It’s essential that every single penny of yours is wisely invested. Look for the quality of teaching and other facilities provided within the school than the exorbitant money it charges.

5. Interdisciplinary approach

When students are taught by integrating the concepts of different subjects together and relating them to the current situation it’s called an interdisciplinary approach. This learning model helps the educators to spark creativity and patience within students and is being adopted in some of the top schools.

This kind of approach has a lot of potential and is far better than the rote learning or memorization technique that was promoted back in the day. A good CBSE school is one that integrates interdisciplinary methods and experiential learning to give students the best in class understanding. This allows them to spend more time on extra-curricular activities and skill development.

Therefore, it becomes significant for you to assess the teaching models that are undertaken by the school. You can pay a visit to the school, talk to the principal or discuss with other students’ parents to get a clear picture.

6. Check the faculty

A clean school is essential to safeguard the health of students and teachers. Keeping the lecture halls and corridors neat and tidy helps maintain a conducive learning environment. If a school is not keeping up well with sanitation, then the cases of illness may increase causing absence from school.

When we talk about schools the very first thing is the kind of teachers available there because they are the ultimate source of information for a student. It's important for a school to have a professional and experienced faculty so that they can pave the way for a bright future.

The top schools in Bangalore are well known for their expert faculty all across the nation and students from diverse areas come to get their education in this ‘garden city.’ Along similar lines, a lot of schools have focused on improving the proficiency of teachers to facilitate a better academic atmosphere around the students.

It is the responsibility of the school to update their education system by conducting capacity-building programs for the teachers and guiding them about better ways to teach. No matter how flashy the school buildings look but the real essence lies in the teaching style. So, make sure you are taking note of this factor while searching for a good CBSE school for your child.

7. High-Quality Counseling

With the evolving time, one needs to understand that schools are not merely meant to impart education but are abodes of physical and mental development. Students may suffer from various mental conditions and disturbed thought processes. And they are not comfortable enough to share them with fellow students or parents.

For this reason, it's essential for the school to have a career and psychological counseling department to help students whenever they need it. The school must take this into consideration and appoint a mental health expert who knows how to create a relaxed space around students and give them appropriate guidance.

With the ever-evolving career options, it's daunting for the kids to choose what's best for them and career counseling can help them find a path. CBSE schools of Bangalore have done a considerable amount of development in this field and have hired professionals for the same. Being a parent, you should check for such an arrangement in the school you are looking forward to enrolling your child.

Manisha Kanwar

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