Role of Education in Shaping Youth's National Identity

Role of Education in Shaping Youth's National Identity

Education is not just about acing in exams, gaining subject knowledge or teacher ratings but it plays a crucial role in developing youth’s national identity.

Countries, all across the globe, are stressing over cultural empathy, acceptance of historical events, and national belonging.

All these are considered to be the bedrock of a nation’s advancement and are essential to get a strong footing in the world arena.

Students are not merely taught to become successful but to become leaders of tomorrow. This world is run by values and collective union. Hence, education is playing its part by inculcating the feelings of national identification in the students right from their formative years.

It’s often complicated to understand how schools help in developing a national identity in kids.

We get it!

It’s a topic people hardly talk about but Skoolz never stays back from giving you a complete understanding and this blog answers it all.

1. Education instills a sense of national pride

In order to work for the country’s development, one needs to have deep respect and affection towards his culture. This love will flourish only when the next generation is ready to appreciate victories, own up to past failures, and values diverse ethnicity.

Education is a way to instill these feelings in the students. Schools are trying their best in this fervor.

It can be easily seen in a lot of Bangalore CBSE schools where students are made to sing the national anthem and take the oath of allegiance towards the country in morning assemblies

By celebrating significant national events students are exposed to constructive nationhood. Neuroscience agrees to the fact that people with strong identities, whether philosophical, national, or scientific, become more headstrong while taking stands and making decisions.

This ability further helps in shaping societies and citizens as a whole. Governments of various countries are looking up to schools as centers that can help build a cohesive nation.

2. Holistic understanding of our culture

With the rising trend of westernization, people are losing their cultural spirit and are allured towards other’s customs.

This is disheartening on so many levels. India has a rich heritage of being one of the oldest civilizations in the world. Its history expounds on the existence of great trading systems, currency, literature, architecture, traditions, and whatnot.

Still, we can witness the high-hitting numbers of brain drain cases from our country. In such a situation education comes as a savior as it builds cultural empathy thus motivating individuals to love their customs and work for their country.

People can be made Indianised if the coming generation is given in-depth information about the past and make them realize how regal their culture is.

Education is one way where students are taught about all this through a variety of books and activities. A youth that loves their country and aims to preserve their culture can help solidify the nation in world rankings.

3. Education promotes ethnic tolerance

In a country like ours where ‘diversity of cultures’ defines us the best, it becomes extremely essential to accommodate all of them together.

It is crucial that people from various ethnic backgrounds are respected and most importantly treated as equals. With the existence of a plethora of ethnic cults and extreme ideologies, it is vital than ever to connect people and make them realize their common heritage.

Education is the flagbearer of cultural amalgamation and it makes sure to direct the youth on a constructive path.

In fact! Some of the preschools of Bangalore take a step ahead by teaching kids to live with each other in peace and harmony right from an early age. They are indeed doing a commendable job.

National identity is not just developed by teaching history but key efforts need to be made to teach evergreen values of inclusion, free speech, and ethnic tolerance.

4. Breaks gender constructs for national growth

There is a major debate of Indian women not being given enough respect and several other genders fighting for their recognition.

When this condition is compared with some of the western progressive societies our country seems to fall back.

And the feeling of a glorifying national identity dwindles down even though the condition may not be so brutal in reality. Nobody wishes to give it all to a nation that has severe flaws.

Education here becomes vital to provide a clear picture, present facts, and teach gender neutrality to the students. Tons of Bangalore schools especially the ICSE ones provide an equal platform to both the girls and boys.

Schools conduct themselves well and show children that the country is not that bad when it comes to equating women.

It does have flaws but the future is only bright and students should be inspired to bring a positive change in society. The ones who have a concrete national identity will always try to make it a better place.

5. Education fosters the sense of national belonging

This age of globalization calls for cooperation from all over the world and one can’t stay in his shell forever. People move across nations and also work in them.

Now, in such a situation it’s easier to lose one’s national identity and get persuaded by the other cultures.

But if the foundation of an individual is strong then it becomes nearly impossible to get influenced by flashing customs. This base is of course! build by the schools.

Students are made to love their culture by crafting a positive outlook towards it. There’s no harm in learning from other cultures but losing one’s identity on a complete basis is definitely a cause of concern.

National identity is not just developed by teaching history but key efforts need to be made to teach evergreen values of inclusion, free speech, and ethnic tolerance.

However, thanks to education as it tries not to let it happen. Through a variety of ways, kids blossom an inert feeling of affection towards the nation like co-curricular, community services, etc.

6. Education allows youth to explore

The roots of national identity become deeper when the youth display a will of exploring new avenues and inventions made by their country.

Young minds are attracted towards an intellectual spirit, heroic sagas of history, and innovative advancements. If whatever they look up to in the west can happen within their indigenous country then it gets easier to generate a fondness towards it.

Education is the flagbearer of cultural amalgamation and it makes sure to direct the youth on a constructive path.

It does not necessarily mean that a nation has to be a developed one in order to attract its youth.

But there should be enough scope for the next generation to work on promising projects and make one's nation a dream country. This kind of dynamic spirit is taught in the schools of Bangalore.

They instill a feeling of curiosity in the young minds and we can see powerful examples of bright individuals who prefer to live in their nation and develop it further rather than hopping on better opportunities.

7. NCC and Community service boost national identity

Schools open a world of vistas for the students and stimulate a sense of national concern. It can be seen in the form of NCC, NSS, and other community service programs that are regularly organized.

NCC refers to the national cadet corps and is the best opportunity to implant the seeds of national identity within young minds.

It is a youth association that teaches unity and discipline through a variety of activities. It plays an integral part in shaping the students into dynamic and responsible citizens of tomorrow.

It conducts various camps where students learn from each other by overcoming language, cultural and regional barriers. Several CBSE schools of Bangalore arrange community service activities to help boost the much-needed empathy in kids.

Here they get to help the underprivileged kids, clean the streets, protect the heritage, and so much more. All these ventures advance a sense of collectiveness thus building a national identity.

Final Words-

The feeling of national identity grows the confidence and self-esteem of an individual. It makes them feel like being part of some larger mission.

Education inspires them to witness themselves as ‘heroes of the coming age’ and contribute with their unique traits.

It will help create a generation of stable youth who doesn’t just benefit the nation but society at large.

Manisha Kanwar

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