Parents! Here’s How To Make Your Child More Punctual

Parents! Here’s How To Make Your Child More Punctual


If you ask me which one quality eases the lives of parents or what most of them want to inculcate in their kids, I’ll say PUNCTUALITY.

Not only does it help you to get rid of ‘mama! Just 5 mins more’ requests but make your kid more alert in whatever they do. In this fast-paced world, it’s extremely essential that your child understands the importance of time management.

Everyone, in this distracted economy, struggles to be punctual, and making your child excel at this will take him far ahead from others. Do your bit to make them more punctual and see their bright future rolling in.

Punctuality allows your kid to attend school on time, be focused on productive activities, and perform better in academics.

Sometimes, it becomes daunting to do all the habit-building work alone. Therefore, some ICSE schools of Bangalore assist parents in achieving discipline in kids' lives.

You may be running busy all the time and just can’t find time for your responsibilities as a parent. Therefore, we bring you simple and effective ways to make your child more punctual. Let’s dive in and see what we have in store for you!

1. Set an example for them

If you’re someone who often forgets your things, stays disorganized, and runs late most of the time, you can’t expect them to be punctual.

Your kid looks up to you for everything and you’re their biggest role model. So, if you want to teach them a particular habit, you need to make them learn by example.

Be that punctual individual they can learn from. It may sound intimidating to be ‘on time’ yourself but trust me it’s not that difficult.

You can show punctuality in simple tasks like setting a time for dinner, bathing, or other simple tasks.

The way you conduct yourself makes a major influence on them. If they’ll see you doing it, they’ll learn it faster than ever.

2. Give them Rewards

Everyone loves rewards and when it comes to children the craze is even more. Leverage rewards to help make your kid more punctual.

This approach is practiced by a lot of preschools of Bangalore where teachers give candies on small achievements. You can do the same. If you’ll keep it all bland and free from fun, then even kids won’t be excited to learn punctuality.

It can be a small reward like a favorite dish for completing homework on time, allowing them to watch T.V for 20 more mins if they pack their bags and don’t nag while waking up.

It helps kids to know that they are doing something positive and will continue to do so.

3. Fix their sleeping routine

I understand, being a parent, your morning routine is nothing less than super hectic and a lot has to be done before sending your kid to school.

Your kid can get easily late amid all these morning chores. So, fix their bedtime routine and make sure they get a good night's sleep so that they are fully prepared for the day ahead.

Teach them the habit of ‘early to bed and early to rise’ and see the things turning in your favor.

Rising early after proper sleep helps your child to stay productive, energetic, and focused in school. Fixing a sleeping pattern from an early age will help them lifelong.

4. Explain its importance

There’s a general thumb rule that kids won’t do anything wholeheartedly until they understand its significance.

Having your little one sit down for long and listen to your time-management speech seems next to impossible. So, why don’t you take the help of story-telling and teach them important life lessons with fun?

Narrate them a story of a lazy boy who used to wake up late, failed to reach school on time, and was mocked by his classmates.

Explain to them how they can save themselves from all of this and be punctual. Teachers at Bangalore schools use these ways to impart healthy habits in students and so can you.

5. Help them coordinate with the timer

Children tend to learn everything visually so make sure they coordinate with the timer in order to learn the time-management skills faster.

You can give them a watch as a reward. They will not only fancy your gift but will use it to keep a track of time.

While being at home, a big wall clock in the bedroom and living room can spare you the horror of continuously reciting time to them.

If you don’t want to be bothered by ‘mum! What’s the time’ kinda questions, teach them how to measure and estimate time.

It will make it easier for them to accomplish tasks within a given time-frame.

6. Consistency is the key

You can’t expect your kid to be obeying all the rules without flinching at all. After all! They are kids with restless minds and can slack off from your time-management lesson at any point in time.

So, to prevent this kind of event you need to show them the path of punctuality time and again.

When they’ll grow up it will be way too difficult to stay disciplined, hence as a responsible parent, you gotta be consistent on your lesson no matter what.

The way kids are bound by different periods and a timetable at schools like the majority of the CBSE schools in Bangalore are very strict when it comes to time schedules, you can take hints from there.

But never forget to use positive parenting and refrain from using punishment as a means to teach something. It will only make matters worse.

7. Make it all about having ‘fun’

If being punctual remains no more a boring drill and becomes something fun, then kids will automatically get attracted to this activity.

You can keep colorful planners and to-do lists for your child. Whenever they complete a task, allow them to write it in their planner and add stricter of their favorite anime or movie character.

Help them to design and color the planner. You can attach their pictures to it or any creative ideas you can think about.

It will make time management more enjoyable as they’ll be waiting to complete a task and fill their quirky journal.

8. It's all about being organized

You must have noticed that even though your kid wakes up early still somehow, you’re not able to make it on time. The reason is disorganization.

It’s usually last minute that your child doesn’t find his shoes or backpack, you often forget the car keys, his pencil box suddenly disappears, and so on and so forth.

Teach your kid to be organized to cut off extra time. Teach them that there is a fixed place for everything and it has to be kept there only. It will make your child more punctual.

Time management will not happen overnight and your child will take his own sweet time to learn the basics. So, don’t be impatient, and make sure to give them playtime so that they can relax and unwind. Just like preschools in Bangalore have regular games periods after study sessions. This playtime is super essential and prepares your kid for further lessons.

Manisha Kanwar

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