Offline Classes vs Online Classes: Pros and Cons You Must Understand

Offline Classes vs Online Classes: Pros and Cons You Must Understand

We all have witnessed how the current pandemic instigated by the deadly Coronavirus has shaken the entire world and made the education sector succumb to the global crisis. To prevent the spread of the virus, almost every sector shifted to online operations, and the education industry is no exception. From administration and classroom learning to examinations, the best private schools in Bangalore have quickly adapted to the online working culture.

However, one of the frequently asked questions that come from parents is which is better among the offline and online schooling approaches.

So keeping that into consideration, in this article, we will analyze some pros and cons of both modes of education

Pros & Cons of Offline Classes as Per the Top Private Schools in Bangalore

Offline classes have some of these advantages & disadvantages,


  • A better way of learning – It's a fact that can't be denied that children can learn better in the offline way of learning. Students get less distracted and pay more attention to teachers.
  • Easy to interact – Offline teaching helps develop communication skills where teachers and students interact with each other.
  • Boost healthy competition – When students get to interact with each other, healthy competition develops among them gradually. It includes solving tricky mathematics problems, answering questions in class, doing homework on time, and getting better by complementing each other &more.
  • Extracurricular activities –Extracurricular activities always play a major role in the development of a child, and only offline learning can help it out. Some of the top private schools in Bangalore have unrivalled records in various extracurricular activities.
  • Punctuality – The best advantage of offline education is that students learn about valuing time by being punctual and more disciplined.


  • Travelling expenses – Going to schools every day not only increases the cost of travelling, especially if it is far but also some other miscellaneous expenses.
  • Dependency on teachers – Students become more dependent on teachers that they want everything to be taught by them in the class.
  • Lectures can’t be recorded– Another disadvantage is that not every school provides the facility of recording the lectures of teachers, and absentees get affected by it.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Online Classes as per the bestprivate schools in Bangalore

Some of the top pros & cons of online classes are discussed below,


  • Flexibility – The best advantage of online education is that it allows children to learn from anywhere at any time, thereby providing more flexibility.
  • Affordability – Another benefit of online classes is they are more affordable, and there's no need to pay for transport, meals, and some others.
  • Prevention from loss of studies – The classes are organized online that helps the students in the regular flow of education without any gap as they can record the lecture as well in case they are absent on a particular day.
  • Monitoring by parents – Online classes have made it easy for parents to monitor their child’s performance easily.
  • Better focus – It also provokes the students to focus deeply on the lecture as they can’t be distracted by their classmates.


  • Eye strain – Attending online classes for a long time may result in eye issues and affect vision. It also puts a lot of strain on the brain muscles of your child.
  • Internet issue – A light cut or poor internet connectivity can cause your child to miss their online classes, affecting their learning.
  • Lack of socialization – Online classes prevent students from interacting with other mates and make them feel isolated. This is also affecting their social development in the early stage of life.

Offline Class vs. Online Class – The Final Verdict

It’s a fact that both types of education have some pros & cons associated with them. In fact, with the rise of the Covid-19 cases, the bestprivate schools in Bangalore have adopted an online way of teaching to protect their students from this fatal infection. So choose a school that provides top-notch education to your kid irrespective of the mode of teaching. At Skoolz, you can find the top schools across India and compare them based on your needs to give your child the best education possible.

Swapna Seshadri

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