How To Pick The Best School For Your Child

How To Pick The Best School For Your Child

School plays a great role in shaping a child’s career and personality. Hence, as a parent, you must do your homework before picking up the right one for your child.

There’s no shortage of good schools available today. You have many options beyond the public schools or the ones right across the street. This is especially true for urban cities.

But the more options, the greater the confusion. So, how do you know which one to go for? To make it more clear, how do you know which are the Best Schools in Bangalore (for example)?

Here’s a checklist that one must follow while deciding the right school for a child:

1. Know What Your Child Needs

None knows a child better than the parents. So, before you start looking for options, try to understand what your child may need. For example:

a. Will your child learn better in a rigid and structured environment or a loosely held one?

b. Will individual attention be necessary?

c. Is he/she more inclined towards academic learning or extra-curricular activities?

d. Is the child more comfortable learning in groups or individually?

2. Gather Information and Plan A Visit

From groceries to gadgets, we don’t buy anything without looking for appropriate information. One must do the same while looking for schools. For example, you may want to look for the following:

a. Does the curriculum offers a strong framework of core subjects?

b. Is there any theme or focus for the curriculum?

c. Are there any courses offered in addition to the core curriculum?

d. Does the school offer extra-curricular activities?

e. Are there equal opportunities for all? Even the gifted students?

Once you’ve done your research, make sure you plan a visit to the school. It’s even better if you do so during regular school hours. It will give you a realistic idea of the school environment and student involvement.

You may even try talking to the teachers and see what opinion they have about the school. After all, they are the ones who will be the closest to your child on campus.

3. Ask Questions For A Realistic Picture

When you visit the school, you must ask questions to the teachers, students, and other parents alike. Doing so will give you a more practical and realistic picture of the school you select.

For instance, you may enquire the students about the teachers and staff, school trips, security measures, and the homework they get. Similarly, you can ask the teachers about the grading pattern, their expertise, and their willingness to help students other than in the classroom.

In addition, ensure talking to the parents about their involvement with the school, the events organized, and how often the school communicates with them.

4. Location Of The School And Transportation

The school’s location is another factor to consider. If you would want the child to go to school on their own eventually, you must obviously look for a school nearby.

However, if you’re willing to drive the child to school, you can look for locations that extend a bit further. But in case you find an amazing school that meets all the criteria but is far away, make sure there are reasonable transportation options.

5. Holistic Growth Of The Child