Developing an interesting learning environment can be challenging at times for any teacher. Yet they want their students to be engrossed in what they're teaching.

When children are engaged in class and attentively listen to what is being taught, they remember the lesson for a longer period and respond to questions more quickly.

However, engagement is hard to maintain and teachers have to put extra effort into doing so. So here are a few ideas for engaging children and making the classroom more interactive, joyful, light, and learning-oriented.

1. Add An Interactive Element

Your students may get bored quickly if they only listen unless you are a genuinely fantastic speaker. Engaging your kids in discussion in between the lecture is a tried-and-true way to hold their attention and efficiently manage a class.

Encouraging students to ask questions is one of the most effective ways to assess their understanding. Ask students to share their opinions on controversial topics and add their points as well in the discussion. It is best to allow students to participate in class as much as possible. Interactive learning through visual, textual, or audial activities can be vital for struggling students and the smart kids.

2. Gamification

Every student enjoys playing games of some kind. Engaging students through interactive and learning games is a tried and true technique of stimulating students' minds and involving them in the subject. Many ICSE schools in South Bangalore are focusing on these tactics to make learning fun for their pupils.

Learning may include academic puzzles, laboratory gadgets (such as terrariums, specimen rocks and microscopes), and mind-challenging activities. You may also arrange competitive activities in a classroom, in which students compete in groups or individually to outperform one another. Teachers can offer prizes or treats for the winner to encourage maximum participation.

3. Integrate Technology into Learning

Most students are tech-savvy, and technology usually excites their interest in studies. Students love experimenting with gadgets, and in moderation, technology can be a valuable tool in the classroom. Students can have fun (and learn) while playing participating in educational technology-based games and online practice activities. There are many best ICSE schools in South Bangalore that use technology to connect students with class-based learning rather than a distraction for them.

4. Incorporate Mystery in Your Lessons

Find a way to bring curiosity to students' minds during your lessons. You might provide students with pointers about your upcoming class and tell them where to learn further. You can even offer a reward to those who put the effort into finding out or researching things on their own. Just try to break the monotony in the learning process every time to turn the lesson into a problem-solving game. Using puzzles and inquiries during sessions can be a great way to boost the class's morale

Skoolz: Helping Parents Find the Best School

These are some frequently used classroom suggestions for interactive learning. Both CBSE and ICSE schools in South Bangalore can incorporate these suggestions to have a quality and engaging learning session.

At Skoolz, we believe that teachers can wisely make a huge difference and make learning at school engaging.

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Swapna Seshadri

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