How to Improve Concentration to Boost Learning Ability?

How to Improve Concentration to Boost Learning Ability?

Many kids across the world struggle to concentrate on tasks and are unable to perform well in their studies. Despite their best efforts, their records are poor and putting unwanted stress on them. The below average results are mainly because they can't focus on crucial concepts properly.

So as a parent, are you worried about your children’s marks and learning abilities? If yes, then you are at the right place. So, in this article, we are going to share with you some useful tips & tricks that help improve concentration to boost learning abilities. Based on our expertise and experience, we have curated a list of suggestions that many top schools in Bangalore CBSE-affiliated follow to help students.

Signs of Poor Concentration in Children

  • They can’t sit at one place for a longer period and always want to roam here & there.

  • Struggling a lot with learning and remembering

  • Not able to pay attention in the class

  • Always busy in thinking like a daydreamer

  • Sometimes aggressive and moody

  • Poor motor skills like jumping or running

How to Improve Concentration in Children – 5 Best Ways

Below are some of the proven ways that help in improving the concentration in a child:

1. Minimize Distraction – Make sure that your child is getting the right environment to concentrate. A separate study room can be very effective for your kids. In addition to this, you can turn off the television or stop talking during their study time which might help themconcentrate even better. In the best CBSE school Bangalore, library facilities are provided with minimal distraction and noise to students to improve their focus more on studies.

2. Limit Screen Time – Make sure that your child spends more time in physical or traditional games rather than electronic ones. There are many puzzles, riddles, and other mind games available in the market that propel creativity and encourage thinking ability.

3. Set Goals – Goals are meant to achieve, and when you make goals for your child, they provoke them to put their efforts and align their strategies to accomplish them. You can divide the bigger tasks into smaller ones to simplify them for your children. This way, they can concentrate effectively and experience improvement in their learning.

4. Provide Gap Between Activities – When one task is completed, ensure that the child gets a short break before the commencement of the other activity. It helps in getting a relaxed and rejuvenated mind for the next task.

5. Keep Them Physically Active –It’s a proven fact that physical activities, such asrunning, cycling, swimming, and other outdoor games assist in the development of the brain effectively. Simplebreathing exercises like pranayam help the mind get an adequate amount of oxygen to function properly.

Time to Improve Concentration Ability in Your Child

Concentration can't be achieved overnight, especially when your child has an agile nature. Including some of the aforementioned tips can help in increasing concentration and boosting learning abilities. Many schools arealso taking measures to improve the learning abilities of their students and are actively organizing various workshops and webinars on concentration and learning abilities. You can find the best CBSE school Bangalore on Skoolz for your child that focuses on activities that boost the learning ability in a great way.

Swapna Seshadri

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