Discover super effective ways to make your child a reader

Discover super effective ways to make your child a reader

Reading has become a prerequisite in today’s world with so much information floating around and the rising demand for effective communication skills. Books serve as fuel to the mind and open the doors to enormous knowledge.

With so many benefits attached, it’s only smart to get your kid into the reading habit at the earliest. According to a study conducted on 17000 people, students who read for pleasure tend to perform better in school. Kids with reading interests develop striking vocabulary, spelling, and comprehension abilities. This, in turn, helps in their future endeavors.

But, making your child sit with a book and develop a reading habit is indeed challenging. Well, not anymore. This blog will take you through some super effective ways to make your child a reader.

1. Start early and stick to it

Nothing can be better than inculcating the habit of reading from an early age. Your preschooler may not understand a lot of sentences and fancy words so you can give them picture books to read.

Child psychologists and counselors at top Bangalore schools believe that reading stimulates sensory awareness and has a positive impact on a kid’s brain. To start with, you can visit your local library or nearest bookstore and pick a book of your child’s preference.

But merely purchasing a book won’t help as you have to make a reading routine by setting a particular time of the day for reading. It’s not necessary to keep long hours for reading but being consistent is the key even if they read one chapter or a few pages.

2. Read it out to your kids

In the initial days, you cannot expect your child to read all on his own without getting distracted or running for the phone. This is why it’s recommended to read the books aloud if your kid is a preschooler or sit with a book beside them if they are older.

Reading to them reduces effort on their part and makes them learn new words which they otherwise haven’t understood. All in all, this advances their literary achievement and broadens their horizons. Now, at this stage, you have to be specific about what to read because if they don’t like the book or get bored it’ll be difficult to bring them to read again.

For this, make sure to pick an age-appropriate book that interests your child rather than giving them a bulky encyclopedia of heavy words. Of course! Later you can give them more educational content but keeping a balance is always essential.

3. Create an environment of stories

Make it all about reading and stories to develop a love for books. Surrounding your child with books can help for sure but creating an environment will accelerate their reading habit. Whether it’s online or offline, each step of yours count and can bring them closer to reading.

You can contact their teachers and ask them to issue books from the school library. ICSE schools of Bangalore are known for their literary love and for helping the students to develop reading behavior. Install some book-related apps or fun games on your phone.

It will allow them to learn even when they are not actively reading. Narrate your life stories and quirky jingles to grab their attention, marinate their imagination in rich ideas and literary structures. Even teachers use this power of storytelling in classrooms.

4. Give importance to their choice

The day you will start forcing your choices or the ‘perfect’ book on them, they’ll lose interest. To keep them going, it’s important to give voice to their preferences. It’s said that strong readers become strong individuals so let them decide what they want to read.

If they like reading comics or fairy tales, let them read that and don’t pass judgments about what they read is worthless. Whatever they may read, it propagates the reading habit and teaches them something new. Notice the passion of your child and try to connect it to the books.

Take them to bookstores and libraries especially in the children's corner and allow them to pick what appeals to them. Make sure they are reading different varieties of books to learn about the diversity of the world.

5. Ask them questions

Merely reading won’t help if you want to enhance your child’s comprehension ability. You have to immerse them in the story or make them think deeper. Don’t expect your kid to go all philosophical and apt.

Ask them questions about the story or random excerpts from the text to incite their imagination. Don’t ask complicated questions or something they’ll find hard to answer. Just inquire about what they love the most in the story, which character was their favorite, and why. If it is a non-fiction book then explain the concepts to them.

This will allow you to know more about your child and his thoughts. Teachers at top CBSE schools in Bangalore conduct a discussion round in the classroom after reading literature chapters. You can have similar discussions with your kid, at home.

6. You can use e-readers

Technology has a far-reaching impact on the kid’s learning and reading ability. It is believed that adding e-readers to kids’ life can enhance their self-esteem and confidence. These e-readers are widely effective as they suit every child’s specific reading requirements.

If your child finds it easy to read large fonts and more space between sentences then you can adjust it in the e-reader settings. These are beneficial to the kids who have a learning disability and provide a level playing field for them.

E-reader device allows the children to select from thousands of titles as well as provide free downloads. There is a feature of text-to-speech which makes reading or listening to books more fun for kids.

7. Pick age-appropriate books

Reading habits cannot be developed by reading anything and everything lying around. If you are going to hand over an intricate literary fiction book with classic English jargon to your child then they’ll run miles away from the book and can even think of making paper boats of those pages.

You got the point, right? Pick books that are specially written for their age group as the language and concepts will appeal more to them. The preschools of Bangalore have specific books for preschoolers and in the CBSE schools, you’ll find books for grownups.

Tell them every time they’ll show the desired behavior you will give them a sticker. Let them know that 3 or 4 of these stickers can be exchanged for TV time or something gratifying.

8. Create a reading space

The effect of reading will be more when you create a special personal space in your home entirely dedicated to books. This cozy and quiet place will give your junior bookworm a perfect atmosphere to fall in love with reading.The effect of reading will be more when you create a special personal space in your home entirely dedicated to books. This cozy and quiet place will give your junior bookworm a perfect atmosphere to fall in love with reading.

You can use creative ideas like showing the book covers on the outward side, hanging colorful curtains, snuggling up in a cozy seating, etc to raise the excitement radar in your child.

It does not mean you have to spend a lot or get big bookshelves for your little one but doing some DIY with comfortable seating would suffice. Try to pick a corner of your home that gets natural lighting and is free from noise.

9. Go on a library trip

Trips are one of the best ways to teach kids in a fun way and going to libraries will give them access to the bookish world. They will get the much-needed inspiration to read by watching other kids doing the same. In fact! School libraries at top schools in Bangalore are great places to explore new books and authors.

Kids have specific reading hours and library periods in these schools. You can take your child to any local library and let them enjoy their fun reading moments.

Reading will become a fun pursuit with the help of books, patience, and consistency. Enrich your child’s mind by inculcating the joy of reading. Let them gain inspiration, motivation, and values.

Manisha Kanwar

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