Boarding school vs regular school- which one should I pick?

Boarding school vs regular school- which one should I pick?

Being parents isn't an easy task, and it becomes more so when it comes to children. No parents want to compromise on their children's future no matter how difficult it can be. It is barely simple to agree on the perfect educational path for your kid. For most parents, there are very few decisions bigger than either looking for a boarding school or day school for their child. But, still, they might not come to a solution for this, as they are two different types of learnings that follow various approaches and possess unique benefits

However, every school tries to teach students to prepare them for the path of success after their graduation. Both day school vs boarding school have similarities yet they are different. But, the main vital thing every parent needs to ensure is that whether your kid gets the finest education, either it's a boarding school or day school.

Here is the article to help you out. At the end of the article, you will find it easier to choose the best school type for your child.

What parents should know about Boarding schools and regular schools?

A boarding school is a residential school and follows a learning system where students need to live in hostels or dormitories. They are allowed to visit home during vacations. Parents could visit them only with proper permission through school authority, over any special occasions or while emergencies. Mostly, hostel wardens will look after the students. The students should attend classes timely and need to eat food in public dining rooms where every student eats together. Every student should be in discipline, as the students aren't just examined upon their test results but even on disciplinary activities. Students who fail in being disciplined need to face the consequences.

Where Regular school can be more popular than boarding ones as it's affordable and friendly. But the proper performance in examinations can only decide the completion of your child. Learners or students should be attended to their school premises within time and should follow their curriculum daily and need to leave their school at the end of school. But, the students could happily live their life with the advice from their parents

What made most parents look at regular school rather than boarding school?

Best Day schools might be more than just the standard educational model with a blend of social and educational values. But people have sharp opinions in either way. Here's why most parents look at day school rather than boarding school.

1. Expenditures

Boarding schools are more expensive than day schools. Parents need to carry additional expenses for the kids' residences along with their consumption bases every day. Most parents might not be incapable of spending lavishly. Even, the fee structure of the residential schooling commands more than the day school. So, the parents who belong to middle-class families are more likely to go to today's schools than boarding schools.

2. Best education

As per the surveys, many parents with schools, that mostly stresses good quality of education than the whole control of the children. But, education will always remain to be the main concern for the parents, so they like to enroll with schools that offer promising education based upon their understanding.

3. Family morality is crucial

A household could be termed in a sense when the kids get pure love from their parents and their grandparents. Parents think that their kids need to be in touch with them to learn family values. In this way, the child can understand respecting elders and knows how to pour love for younger siblings by staying with the family. But, the boarding school couldn't help in formulating these family values.

4. Entertainment activities

Kids who have some interests in a certain field can get a chance to develop or concentrate their creativity right from a very young age. Although boarding schools encourage kids to pursue their devotion to a certain area they might not be capable of offering an environment according to your children's requirements. Every student achieves a similar scope. Hence, few kids need more guidance, so they might not get it. Nonetheless, in a day school, learners could get the best guidance according to their needs.

5. Evaluation and guidance

Children returning to their parents right after their school activities offers parents a good opportunity to cross-check their kids' school work, ensuring that they assimilate what's being learned from school. Parents even help children regarding assignments that are quite opposite to boarding schools.

6. A balanced social life

Regular schools are a mix of both sexes, that is yeh female child and male child. This helps in a long way of shaping the learner's lives and assists various genders to get familiarized with the differences and creates a balanced society in the future. Where boarding schools where single gender is limited in a place at the exclusion of the other.

But, the flaws of regular school involve many aspects

1. Transportation

Transportation is the main concern for regular schools. Most schools provide transportation service at additional cost, but if you can drive or if you have someone to drive your kids to school, that will solve the situation. But, think about the time when your kid gets a license. He can wish to drive to his school all by himself as his friends drive to school themselves, now that's a new issue.

2. Needs more parents participation

Regular schools demand more parents’ time. Parents of regular school children should be able to involve more in their kid's daily education, from helping with their homework to other school activities and also contributing to their academic success. So, this option might not be good if parents can't devote their necessary hours to their kids due to busy careers or more.

3. Kids become more dependent

Children from regular schools are pampered by their parents. Being at home impacts the kid's development. So, there is a chance of your children being dependent on others.

4. More students = Less attention

Best regular schools are likely to have more kids for a class than boarding schools. So, the class teacher’s engagement with every student can be only for that certain year. So, individual attention for every kid becomes impossible.

Is, Boarding Schools just the option for Troubled students

A most heard misconception of boarding schools is that it's the place for troubled kids. So, that gave rise to many therapeutic boarding schools which are intended for children with abuse or behavioural problems. However, the main mission of boarding schools is to educate girls or boys for the strict coursework of particular colleges then shaping them into responsible and independent adults.

Best boarding schools provide an ideal learning place for students with an educational, focused setting for concentrating on their academics. But college-prep boarding schools are more than a privilege to go, but not a punishment.

What are the secret benefits of boarding schools that most never know?

Boarding school is an outstanding investment for your kids' futures and education. Here are some of the benefits of boarding schools that every parent should notice.

1. Excellent Student-to-Teacher Ratio

Many boarding schools have a terrific student-to-teacher ratio. With fewer students, teachers could dedicate much of their time to assisting with certain needs of every student.

2. Self-independency

Children who are attending boarding schools can learn how to rely on themselves. They don't have maids or parents to clean rooms or no one pushes them to study or to be organized. So, they can be good at managing resources, money, and time that make their love simpler.

3. Fewer Distractions

From the best boarding school children could easily study without any distractions like video games, television, cell phones, and more as these are limited only for a week in boarding schools. The rules might be different, but more boarding schools try to create a distraction-free environment. Even few boarding schools just accept male students to eliminate the distraction of the opposite gender.

4. Easy to develop a Character

Boarding school students graduate with extraordinary character along with academics. Along with academics, ethics and values are taught well. In every boarding school, aspects like respect, hard work, and honesty are upheld and taught. These kids will possess ethical benefits that make them great among peers in the community and workforce.

5. More Activities & Opportunities

Students from Boarding school are exposed to many activities to expand their knowledge. They could participate in activities or sports like as a band or football, or lesser popular ones, like horseback riding or sailing. With the less student count, there is always an opportunity for students who like to be in leadership roles or after-school activities.

6. Can make lifelong friends

Many people make lifelong friends at boarding school. No matter where they're from, these kids develop strong bonds with classmates during their educational journey.

7. Distinct culture

Both girls and boys come from different cultures and nationalities to the boarding school. Students need to attend and live with people who are very different from each other, so kids can learn by breaking down the language and social barriers. As they are exposed to different diversity, boarding school students are more comfortable with people of every background in the future.

But, Why is boarding school a haunt for many?

Contrary to popular belief, boarding schools aren't ‘fix it’ places. Either your child is an academic person or a possible high flyer who requires a structured learning environment, you could count on that your daughter or son will surely have an enormous lifetime benefit from boarding school.

Of course, there are many benefits to learning in a boarding school but there are specific cons that you need to think about before sending your kid to a boarding school.

1. Homesickness

Entire boarding schools are full of children who are away from home, every child could feel homesick for their home and family, friends. This kind of separation from their parents can make them weak emotionally and mentally.

2. Educational Pressure

In the case of regular schools, children leave after school and cut off the pressure or stress of doing better at studies. In a boarding school, the academic pressure is endless.

The extracurricular activities offered by the school are given any attention or importance. So, if your kid has special talents, this might not be a place to flourish them

3. Not easy to fit

Boarding school is the place where your children might not fit in easily. Few children find themselves making friends, but few kids have a tougher time. As said, few children can be adjusted to the regimented boarding school life were to grow others master it. So, few children can discover it too tough to re-engage with their family after staying months in a boarding school environment.

4. Separation of genders

According to the popular opinions of parents across the world, schools that offer coeducation facilities are known to have a lot of attention. As it's a crucial requirement of today’s world.

What should you pick between boarding schools or regular schools?

After sharing home truths of both education systems, a parent needs to decide within boarding or regular school, depending upon their child's preferences, passions, inclinations, passion, and personality. So, kids who are keen on both extra-curricular activities and academics with a natural sense of confidence can do great at the boarding school. But, those who are academically focused and aren't outgoing can shine at a day-school education.

If your kids are adopted to the comforts of home, they might find it tough to live in a boarding school. Day schools access the children for relaxing a bit more than the boarding schools. Do you know what students of boarding school spend their time of 47 hours weekly on an average doubt homework, reading books, assignments, playing sports? Where regular school students spend 30-32 hours in a week learning or doing extra-curricular activities with 5 hours of watching television in a week. So, do you think a few hours of difference can matter a lot for kids' future use?

After all, the main significant part is student growth. Few can do better in boarding school than few in the regular school, where others can flourish in the latter. As long as the students grow, parents need to feel happy about their child's education. There are both disadvantages and advantages of regular and boarding education; the final choice depends on the child's preference and family circumstances. So, whatever the case can be, it's your child and her or his unique traits that need to be a key factor in the decision-making process.

Swapna Seshadri

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