A Definitive Guide To Choose The Best School In Bangalore

A Definitive Guide To Choose The Best School In Bangalore

As a parent, providing your child with the best-in-line education is your topmost priority. If you admit your child to the right kind of school, then it can bring about a huge difference in their academics and overall success in life.

Bangalore is a bustling and progressive city in terms of education and employment. It is flooded with schools and there are just too many options for you to consider. In such a scenario it is back-breaking to filter out the best schools for your child. After all, this school will set a foundation for their future so it has to be the finest.

If you’re disoriented for too long and are unable to finalize a good school then don’t worry Skoolz is at your rescue. This blog will throw light on the important indicators that parents should consider while making this decision. Here are the key ways to choose the best school in Bangalore.

1. Consider proximity

Before marching to the heart of the city it is always advised to look at schools near your own residence. It has multiple advantages. First, you can rest assured about the safety of your child. Secondly, it saves him/her from the arduous long journey of every single day that causes discomfort.

If you’re getting A-class facilities in your nearby school then why wander around the lonely corners of the city. You can keep a close watch on your child and be available during emergencies. Some of the best schools in Bangalore organize regular academic support besides school hours. You can reap the benefits of extra classes and consultations with teachers better if the school is in your neighborhood.

Your child can easily stay in school during the evening time for some tournament practice or summer camps. So, when you go for school hunting make sure you start from the available options in your close proximity.

2. School curriculum and co-curricular activities

A refined school stands apart from its competition because of a well-conductive curriculum. The most common curriculum choices present in the top schools of Bangalore are CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, and IB. The depth and breadth of a curriculum highly influence the later parts of your child’s education. So be a little bit cautious while making this choice.

Once you pick a particular board or curriculum it's better to stick to it rather than jump from one to another. Well, it's not all about the curriculum and you need to research about the extra-curricular activities available at a school. Cultural activities like sports, art & craft, dance, music, public speaking, physical education, etc. add an extra edge to your child’s personality.

Go ahead and check whether they have trained staff to teach these activities or they are merely using it for promotion purposes. A school that is serious about giving holistic development is the one worth considering.

3.School fees

One of the most common myths is that- an expensive school is better than an affordable one. In fact! Some average quality schools lure parents by showing an irrelevant array of high-tech facilities and in return charge an exorbitant amount from them. It’s time that you understand these money-minded tactics and get rid of these misconceptions.

Quality education is already becoming a luxury in India so there’s no need to get bankrupt in order to send your child to the most expensive school ever. There exists a wide range of fees in Bangalore schools and you can easily find one that suits your budget. There are tons of schools that provide far better education that too at lower fees.

Keep in mind there are other miscellaneous expenses like transport fee, cafeteria fee, sports equipment, stationery and a lot more. Make sure you consider all these factors while making a final decision.

4.Check the student-teacher ratio

Student-teacher ratio means how many students are taught in a single class by a teacher. It ranges from 60 to 20 students per class. As per studies, small-size classes have a positive impact on a kid’s learning ability. If there are a smaller number of students present in a class then they can better participate in group discussions, ask doubts, and can express their viewpoints.

Even for a teacher, it's beneficial to teach a small set of students than in a crowded classroom for better learning outcomes. Several CBSE schools in Bangalore have fixed the classroom strength and do not go beyond that to facilitate individual attention.

More sections are created rather than putting every single new admission in existing classes. Students who struggle with understanding certain concepts can get additional help in small-size classes and can enhance their potential. You can visit the campus or research on the internet to know more about the student-teacher ratio.

5.Teaching and learning pattern

Every student is different and the way they learn and comprehend concepts varies a lot. There is a very popular learning theory regarding the VARK model. This seeks to explain how different students tend to learn in their unique ways. Some kids are better able to retain information through visual depictions like graphs, maps, diagrams, etc.

Some prefer to learn after listening to information while others learn by reading and writing. A teacher is well trained in pedagogical skills and is capable of understanding every student’s need and the respective ways to cater to them. It’s always better to choose a school that focuses on expert hiring and learning styles.

Some Bangalore ICSE schools conduct training sessions to equip their teachers to the best of their ability. You can make personal visits and have a conversation with the principal to know better about their system.

6. A hygienic ambiance and healthy environment

A clean school is essential to safeguard the health of students and teachers. Keeping the lecture halls and corridors neat and tidy helps maintain a conducive learning environment. If a school is not keeping up well with sanitation, then the cases of illness may increase causing absence from school.

Such a condition is not favorable for learning as healthcare should be the top priority of any student centric institution.

Check for schools that have proper medical bays for emergency care. Because no matter how much one concentrates on academics, health comes first irrespective. Have thorough research about this aspect and then take your final call.

7. Look into your child’s needs

Before searching for school, you need to have a good idea about the interests and strengths of your child. Try to find out what they love the most or where do they lag behind. Are they into sports? Do they love arts or music? Does your kid have a problem understanding math or need any special assistance?

These are questions that you should be answering so that your child can excel in academics and co-curricular activities alike. If you take care of this aspect then the school becomes the best haul for your child starting from the primary level. Top Bangalore schools play their part in enhancing the respective caliber of students so that they come out as refined personalities.

8. Is the school discipline-focused?

With the ever-changing environment, being disciplined has become more significant. Make sure you pick a school that is disciplined-focused so that your child gets the right kind of values and learns to take responsibility for his/her actions. However, it does not mean you end up choosing a school that follows uncivil ways of disciplining like beating and severe punishments.

Have close interaction with the school staff to gain better insights into the schooling procedure. Make sure you enroll your kid in a school that provides a healthy and stress-free environment. This will enrich their school life.

Manisha Kanwar

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