7 proven tips to make sure your child performs well in the examination
7 proven tips to make sure your child performs well in the examination


No matter how much you try to dodge around it but you can't ignore the fact that exams are an essential parameter for your child's success.

Exams are not everything but indeed a stepping stone to get a renowned college and a successful career ahead. Unfortunately, there are times when your child burns the midnight oil and studies his best but fails to get good marks.

As a parent, this is extremely disheartening for you. With the upsurge of competition in board exams, it becomes all the more important to give your child the right direction.

Well, the good news is that you can bring a change and help your kid to score better without draining yourself. There are several interruptions that your child faces, like the internet, social media, lack of concentration, to name a few.

It seems daunting, but taking small steps regularly can bring a positive change for sure. In this article, we will discuss the seven proven tips that you can use to make sure your child gets better scores and remains stress-free.

1.Identify their learning style

The learning pace of every student is different, and the way they understand concepts varies a lot.

So, suppose you are comparing your kid with someone else and forcing him to complete countless assignments. In that case, this is the biggest mistake you can ever make to hamper their academic journey.

It's high time that you, as a parent, understand that studying for long hours does not mean your child can absorb more information. Stacking their minds with facts is not called effective learning at all.

Try to observe their study patterns and what makes them retain information. Is it long interrupted sessions, or do they need a break after 30 mins. Find out what works for them the best

You can have a conversation around it in the PTM meetings as teachers evaluate every student's performance, and they know what can enhance your child's learning behaviour. Teachers at top schools in Bangalore guides parents with healthy studying tips.

2.Minimize Distractions

In this fast-paced world, everyone faces some sort of distractions, and so does your child. It can be music, social media, Netflix, and many more.

Your responsibility here is to find out which distraction is reducing your child's performance and tackle that in the proper manner. Now, if you will completely cut off these habits, then it can make them lose interest even in studies.

So, instead of totally taking away what they enjoy doing, try to replace it with something else.

For example, if your child loves to listen to music while studying, then it can lead to hindrance, so allow them to listen to only instrumental music. In this way, you can deal with the problem better.

3.Don't delegate your stress to them

There's a lot of stress that surrounds you, from work to finances and on top of all this, you are concerned about your child's education. But that does not mean you transfer the same to their tiny shoulders.

Especially when the exams are over the head, you should rather calm them down and give them effective advice. It becomes exhausting for kids to remain focused amid all the anxiety.

A clear mind can perform better, and that's exactly what they need. Let them know that efforts matter and the result will ultimately follow.

Don't give them reasons to overthink and hamper their exam performance. Several Schools in Bangalore organize seminars on a regular basis to motivate their students and help them reduce stress.

4.Discuss their weak areas

There may have been times when your child complained, 'Maths is scary' or 'SST is so boring it makes me sleep'. It's pointless to expect high scores from them if they have a problem with a particular subject.

You should identify their grey areas and develop strategies to deal with those subjects or concepts.

You can make them join tuition for that specific subject or design their timetable in a way where they practice their weak areas every day. Encourage them to give more mock tests to master over tough academic domains.

The difficulty level increases with each passing grade, and if you don't take considerate action on time, your child will start hating the subject even more. CBSE schools of Bangalore have separate bridge courses to enhance students' command over difficult concepts.

5.Design a study system and exam strateg

Studying without proper systems and attempting an exam without a strategy is a recipe for disaster. If you want to help your child to get the maximum output of his efforts, it's vital to have a coherent plan.

Bring their exam sheets home and analyse where they went wrong or what can be improved. Then, make them sit with you and prepare a list of mistakes or problems they made while writing exams.

Design a revision plan and flashcards for important dates of history, mathematical formulas, physics law, accounts formulas, etc. Having an exam strategy helps your child to focus more than randomly putting thoughts on the answer sheet.

Teach them how to write presentable answers, which section to attempt first, how to divide time between different questions. Ask them to do sections with higher weightage first.

Once you have these systems in place, it will be a lot easier for your child to excel. Some ICSE schools of Bangalore even have proper strategy sessions before exams for high-school students.

6.Motivate them with the help of rewards

Psychologists say that rewards are more effective than giving punishment, and yet parents in Indian households find punishment as a means to make their child perform better.

Let's undo this and use a better way that doesn't impact your kid's mental health. Set targets for them, and every time they achieve it, you can give them a reward. Also, teachers at top schools in Bangalore provide games period if a particular class performs up to the mark.

These targets can be both short-term and long-term. Short-term goals like completing a chapter, finishing assignments, improving scores in mock exams, etc.

You can offer them their favourite food, allow them to watch T.V and more. Long-term goals can be unit tests, half-yearly exams, or boards.

Taking on their favourite destination can be one way of providing rewards. All these rewards will have a positive impact on your child and also brings in the right amount of motivation.

7.Help them tackle the warning signs

Even after preparing well and following the exam strategy, your child still can be anxious and stressed till results don't come up or if, by any chance, fails to score well in competitive exams.

Such instances are difficult to cope up with, but their mental health should not be severely impacted. Make sure you keep a check on them at regular intervals.

To some extent, it is normal to feel that way, but if they utter negative statements like "I'm good for nothing", "I can never make it", "I am a failure", then you need to look closely.

Make a note of unusual habits, if there are any, like anger issues, prolonged sadness, lack of interest, inconsistent sleeping patterns, etc. In such cases, you need to be their guiding light.

Never forget to draw a line for how much you expect from your child. You can always discuss with them and share your ideas, but if you're a parent of a teen, then don't forget to give them the space they need. Everything's good if it's within the limit.

Manisha Kanwar

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