7 great reasons your child must attend preschool

7 great reasons your child must attend preschool

Being a parent it’s difficult to imagine your toddler leaving home and going into a structured environment like a preschool. You might fear that your kid is so small to be separated from you and they won’t be able to manage it.

But the reality is that preschool can give your child an open environment, specialized attention and equip them with the skills they need in their lives. According to studies, kids who attend a quality preschool enter schools with better reading flair, vocabulary, and basic math ability than those who do not attend.

It’s not merely about academic prowess but a child develops social and emotional skills in preschool and learns to interact with their peers. You can give your child a head start with all sorts of skills at this early age and make them come out stronger.

During this age, kids are like sponges and they can consume more learning than you think is possible. To know more, come discover 10 great reasons your child must attend preschool.

1. It sets the foundation for school

When a child goes to school for the first time, it’s daunting for him to adjust to the classroom environment but if he has experience of being in preschool the transition becomes easier.

Kids find it overwhelming to navigate the workings of the classrooms as this is all new for them. But if they have spent significant time in preschool they are better adapted to the system. The top preschools of Bangalore are known for preparing kids for the structure and expectations of a normal school.

They are exposed to school routines and classroom interaction thus nurturing them in the best way possible. Children learn to set their foot on the foundation stone of preschool for success in further school endeavors.

2.Focuses on social and emotional development

Preschool is known for developing social and emotional skills more than academic competence. Your child will learn to share, take turns, develop empathy towards others, and pursue self-regulation of emotions. Lack of these skills makes the later academic journey difficult for your child as they won’t be able to adapt efficiently.

At home, you try to keep your little one in your shed but when they go to preschool they are exposed to different circumstances and in turn learn to handle them. The rich preschool environment allows your kid to raise their emotional quotient and socialize with teachers and fellow students.

Letting your child leave his cocoon is essential to prepare him not just for school but for life. It’s the time when their cognitive and emotional ability requires a push to become an evolved individual.

3. Preschool offers a structured environment

There is no set pattern when your little bud stays at home but preschool gets them into a routine and teaches them to follow up. It does not mean they are kept in a highly strict environment or rules are forced on their tiny shoulders.

The preschool has a structure that encourages social interaction and reduces congestion and conflicts. Teachers at top schools in Bangalore agree on the fact that children are more excited to attend preschool than staying at home.

It takes some time to bring them into the structure but gradually they get attracted and accustomed to the classroom environment. Tons of games, activities, fun learning and habit-building exercises keep the interactive atmosphere of preschools alive. Children learn everything automatically without being forced.

4. Preschool makes children follow direction

Following directions is an important life skill that will serve your child forever. It minimizes distractions and allows the kids to accomplish their goals in a better way. No matter how much you pamper them they have to leave home and go to school, participate in sports, go on trips, visit friends’ houses and take tests.

If they learn how to follow instructions at an early age the rest of their journey will become smoother. It will save you from the frustration of repeatedly yelling at your child to do something when they keep on ignoring you and continue to do their thing.

Basic directions like washing hands before having food, standing in a line, saying “sorry” or “thank you” whenever needed are taught in the preschool. Here, children start looking at elders like teachers and parents as authority figures and try to do what they are asked.

5.Preschool helps in motor-skill development

Preschool offers an environment for kids where they can do physical exertion and improve their motor skills. A healthy and physically active child is able to learn search behavior better and explore their surrounding with ease. At home, you are concerned that your kid might hurt himself while playing but preschool allows them to do physical tasks under constant supervision.

The preschools of Bangalore organize a list of activities that improve physical and mental toughness like running, jumping, puzzle-solving, dancing, group tasks, etc. When they are involved in all these exercises they actively use their mind and strength enabling better coordination.

Your toddler polishes his motor skills by balancing the synergy between different sense organs. You, as a parent, don’t have enough time and expertise to teach all of this at home. Hence, preschool becomes even more important.

6. Preschool foster kid’s curiosity

A high-quality preschool encourages new ideas, thoughts, and questions in young minds to uplift their curiosity. It is here that the imagination of children widens and they start to see the line between reality and fantasy.

Knowledge comes to those who are curious. So, teachers at preschool try their might to broaden kids’ thought processes through a variety of activities. Children are asked questions, not with an intention to get the ‘correct’ response but to incite creativity and provide motivation to learn new things.

All of this is done to bring a thrill to the daily routines and curriculum of preschools. Kids have a lot of misconceptions like “monsters are under my bed”, “batman is real” and many more. The staff at preschool try to give kids a touch of reality in a fluid manner without hurting their imagination.

There is so much that a child needs to know and teachers know how exactly this information is provided and in what amount.

7. Kids learn to take care of themselves and others

As per the research, children grow their self-worth and sense of esteem when they learn to take care of others along with themselves. In preschools, kids spend most of their time being around peers and teachers which makes them more interactive.

Teachers at Bangalore preschools make them carry out their own tasks like washing hands, packing their bags, and keeping their stuff in cupboards. Children are also given opportunities to help others. If a child is unable to water the plants effectively then the teacher may ask another kid to help him out.

Generally, the senior class kids are asked to help and take care of their juniors. This is done to make them self-reliant and independent. Throughout their preschool years, children are introduced to productive behaviors so that they function successfully in the classroom arena and share the same with their peers.

Final Words

A preschool is the foundation stone for nurturing young buds and giving them wings. Parents can choose to give their children a strong footing for future education and life, in general, by enrolling them in a preschool. Admit your little rockstar to a high-quality preschool and get ready to observe the signs of development within them.

We at Skoolz have a collection of some of the best schools in Bangalore which are well-known in the preschool ecosystem. So, check them out if you want to take your child to the next level and accelerate his growth.

Manisha Kanwar

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