The Importance of School: 15 Reasons Why Do we have to go to School

The Importance of School: 15 Reasons Why Do we have to go to School



The school allows you to learn life skills ranging from sports to effective communication and is often beyond academics. Gone are the days when schools were only meant for education. Still, you are not fully convinced of its significance.

Even the idea of waking up early and attending school sounds annoying and frustrating to you. But we seldom know the real importance of school. It sets the foundation for your bright future and enlightens your life ahead.

It not only makes you a successful person but a well-developed individual who caters to society and the nation.

Let me bust a myth- schools are not just meant for academic proficiency, but it's so much more. It gives you a weapon to fight ignorance and open doors of opportunities.

Let's uncover its benefits one by one.

#1. Teaches you basic life-skills

You are exposed to a learning environment right after you enter school.

Numerous skills are taught which make your life easier, such as reading, writing, communication, calculation, and reasoning, to name a few.

Learning these skills helps you to interact better in society. It's not just limited to passing an exam. These skills come in handy when you're stuck in real-time problems.

Of course! They can't be learned by being stuck inside the house.

In fact! Top schools in Bangalore bring you upfront with extensive skill development activities. Bangalore is an education hub, and getting educated from here is indeed a smart choice.

#2. Turns you into a fountain of knowledge

The school allows you to study a wide array of subjects like math’s, science, history, sociology, arts and many more. It makes you well-versed in the happenings around the globe.

From the wars we fought, technologies we developed, tales of historical figures to the marvelous universe we are a part of- you learn about anything and everything.

#3. Encourages a wide variety of talent

You may be exceptionally good at a certain skill, but there's no point if you can't showcase it. School provides that platform.

It pushes you to improve each day and become the best version of yourself. There are a lot of student clubs based on music, arts, dance, drama, etc. If you're into sports, then the school has a lot to offer you.

#4. Get to learn from the experts

Teachers play a crucial role in your life and can shape your career. They equip you with subject knowledge as well as general wisdom.

Your teachers spend several years obtaining expertise in their respective subjects. Hence, the best knowledge is at your disposal.

While parents are at home, teachers supervise and mould your character development.

#5. Gain friends for a lifetime

The best part of school is to hang out and have fun with your peers.

If I ask you to name one thing you missed most about the school- I'm sure your answer will be FRIENDS.

I happened to visit a CBSE school in Bangalore back in 2019, and the moment I entered, it felt like home. All of them were very welcoming and pleasant, be it students or the staff. Trust me; it was a pleasure being there.

If your school offers a similar environment, you don't need to go anywhere else looking for great friends.

Friends make our lives easy. Having them besides you makes even the tiresome long day seem short. In fact! Some of them stay with you for a lifetime.

#6. Makes you a confident individual

People with drooping confidence face anxiety and harsh treatment in real-time situations. They lack a positive self-image, and it hampers their growth.

Therefore, the school makes sure to give you the much-needed confidence in your life. Regular exams and competitions are organized, which motivates you to brush up on your skills and helps you build the right mindset.

#7. Develops problem-solving and critical thinking abilities

Life will throw challenges at you, and at every moment, you need to assess options and make the correct choices.

When you move out for higher studies or a job, you need to be ready. School helps you build essential decision-making and critical thinking abilities.

It empowers you to become independent and tackle even the worst of the problems with clarity.

#8. Stepping stone for higher education

You want to follow your passion and achieve your dreams. Right?

You may want to become a doctor, teacher, lawyer, musician, or run a business.

But you cannot hop onto that directly. You need to complete your school education first, in order to get there.

It forms a base for you to grow and thrive. The first step to achieving your dream is - get admission into a renowned pre-school, learn the basics and build a concrete foundation. If you do it right, let me tell you, you're already on the correct path.

#9. Makes you employment ready

The school ensures your professional development. It helps you to grow your communication skills, confidence, and critical thinking- qualities of a worthy employee.

Once you complete your higher education, it becomes easier for you to get a high-paying job and provide for your family.

#10. Gives you the key to riches

It's no secret that education has been beating global poverty for ages. A well-educated person can earn his livelihood and is also capable of bringing a positive change in society.

If you're educated, you can achieve all your dreams and live a fulfilling life. A lot of successful people give credit to their schools for making them reach where they are today.

#11. Enhances mental and physical competency

You'll get to learn about a lot of subjects and concepts that widen your horizons. Being in school keeps you updated and instils a sense of curiosity in you.

Sports events or regular exercise sessions play a key role in building strong muscles and stamina in you. But let's get it straight- not all schools have proper types of sports equipment and ground. Few even lack a game, period.

Whether it's mental or physical development, ICSE schools in Bangalore don't stay behind in giving you the best. They organize several competitions all throughout the year.

#12. Transforms you into a national asset

When you go to school and get educated, it's not just you who grows, but it's the entire nation. There's a reason why government invests in schools.

After completing your education, you'll end up getting a high-paying job and thus you can contribute to the country.

It's done by paying taxes and providing services. You are not merely a citizen but a human resource. Even World Health Organization advances the idea of school education.

#13. Helps you to contribute back to the society

Your purpose is bigger than you think.

Education makes you realize that and motivates you to do something for society.

There are a plethora of problems, and education is a way to eliminate them. Schools have a significant role in making you realize this.

#14. Makes you a gender-neutral person

There are numerous stereotypes circulating around us like gender inequality, patriarchy, and the list goes endless.

But when you go to school and see all the kids getting equal treatment, your opinions change.

Schools not just deliver subject knowledge but makes you an aware individual. They play their part in combating social evils and teach you the same.

#15. Ensures your holistic development

Schools give importance to all aspects of your development. It enhances your intellectual, creative, emotional, social, physical, and artistic potentials.

You get to learn by engaging with the whole community. Some of the experiences of your student life will stay with you forever and will make you cherish them.

You have so many examples of successful people who highlight the importance of school’s time and again. Celebrities like Deepika Padukone and Sudha Murthy studied in Bangalore schools and gained world-known success.


Education is a torch that brightens up your career, personality, and life in general. It turns you into a fulfilled individual who is confident and holds a positive self-concept.

So, next time, when you wish to avoid going to school, think twice. Schools are not a source of boredom but a keystone of your success.

Swapna Seshadri

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