Online Classes and My Awakening to the Real Purpose of Education of my Child!

Online Classes and My Awakening to the Real Purpose of Education of my Child!

Education - An Enabler!!!

I started attending my child's online classes in April this year. It was the first time I got a glimpse of what my child's education is actually in action. I became his partner in learning, his new classmate, and the only real one as the rest all were present online.

I started getting a feel for the competition in his class.

Slowly I also started competing.

My mind would always be pre-occupied with these thoughts-

  • How can my child be the best in his class in all subjects?
  • How can he be the best-behaved child too?
  • How can he be his classmates’ favorite friend?
  • How can be his teacher’s favorite student?

These thoughts were my wish list of an ideal child that my child should be; it could be anything that gets my child in the good books of everyone and makes him better than others.

So I would sit with him through all his classes, ensuring he is answering every question. At times, I would prompt answers if he didn’t know. All this while, little did I realize that unknowingly I was casting my child as a Trophy!

One day, I observed a child - someone who would always have most of the answers, homework completed at all times. He had no greed to be in anyone’s good books or to be better than others. He would quietly and patiently keep making efforts to be a good student.

I heard a knock somewhere inside. It made me think;

  1. Was I honest? Sincere??
  2. What values am I developing in my child...?
  3. And is this education?

I asked myself! What is my purpose in educating my child…?

  1. Is it to know the subject OR to know it better than others?
  2. Is it to become a good human being OR to become better than other human beings?

As I searched for answers, I learned that

“real education is not just academic excellence but also how we are growing as human beings.”

I now realized that real education for my child meant that along with educating him on various subjects,I develop the right values as well in him. It also meant...me growing as a person and parent!

More specifically or in-action for my child, this meant:

  1. learning his subjects,
  2. learning to work hard,
  3. learning to finish an assigned task

And for me, this meant growing as a parent

  1. As I now had to learn to accept and understand my child the way he is.
  2. I also learned to help my child learn the subject according to his capacity and pace.

“Today if anyone asks me if my child will become The Best in Everything? My answer will be- Yes, my child will do his best in everything!”

I feel my child is growing as a person both in knowledge and morals.

Therefore education has become an Enabler here guided by the philosophy of each child being different and unique and extremely capable!

I am happy my child is now becoming the best version of himself. He is growing in his unique way, and not necessarily better than others, and this has become my new goal of educating him!

Mrs. Smita Bansal Sharma

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