How to Discover Your Child’s Passion with ease

How to Discover Your Child’s Passion with ease

When your child has a passion to follow there’s a clear direction for the career ahead. But if he lacks this clarity then stress and anxiety block the way. It can be stressful for both you and your child when he doesn’t know what to do in the future or exactly what he wants from life.

With limitless options in today’s world, your child may want to do different things each coming day. There is a flood of opportunities but instead of giving a push, it seems to paralyze his decision-making.

Seeing your child in this confusion gives rise to an unsettling fear in your heart and almost all parents, today, go through this feeling. Especially if your child is about to enter 11th standard or junior college and they need to pick a stream to carve their education and occupation ahead.

Well, there are plenty of ways to help your child figure out his passion and we have listed some of them for you. Check out the different ways you can help your young one get clarity about his future.

1. Identify topics they love to talk about

Focus on the interactions you have with your child and find out if there are any specific subject areas they are inclined towards. Try to unearth the kind of conversations they love to have.

Do they talk about their favorite music band all day? Are they obsessed with space and galaxies? Is there only ‘cricket’ or ‘football’ that is on their mind? Do they love collecting books? Are they attracted to robots, AI or gaming? Whatever it may be, you have to do some conscious efforts to dig deeper into their interests.

Identify what kind of competitions they are always eager to participate in. Top schools of Bangalore keep on organizing a wide variety of contests to foster extra-curricular activities.

If your child loves something from the heart they’ll also try to teach others the same. And that’s exactly when you can spot their fascination and nurture it further.

2. Find out where they spend their time and pocket money

We only want to spend our resources on those things that are meaningful and precious to us. These resources are- time and money. And it’s no different for your child. Look out for their expenditure and check what they have purchased the most. Is it sportswear? Shoes? Musical instruments? Books?

Also, observe where they spend their time and what kind of content they consume online. Are they watching start-up case studies, interviews of businessmen, vocal training videos, cricket, scientific wonders, or anything else?

All of this will give you clarity on what captivates them. Not everything they spend time or money on is important but look for patterns and common areas. You can further research the career scope in that regard.

3. Figure out their strengths

Your kid may be great at doing certain tasks or have natural instincts for something. So, decipher what makes them feel confident in their skin, charged up, or motivated.

There are some hard and soft skills within every individual and they can be turned into talent if proper practice and guidance are provided. Having a clear picture of your child’s strengths and weaknesses can help you in mapping out a solid career path for him. When you know the areas where their competence lies, it becomes easier to narrow down on a job option.

The subjects in which they score the best and have a high potential can be a good choice to pick for further education. You can have a conversation about this with their teachers.

The staff at Bangalore ICSE schools is cooperative in helping the parents out and showing the right strategies for passion discovery. Your young bud spends the majority of his time at school so it’s obvious that you may get some clues from there.

4. Try to ask questions

Ask thought-provoking questions to your child and try to tap into their favorite zones. Digging deeper will give you an idea about their aspirations and expectations from life. Don’t force them to admit it in front of you but just let the conversation flow.

You can choose some new topics and ask your kid about his opinions on them. Such kind of meaningful conversations gives you an opportunity to understand their perspective. If you find something that fascinates them, then try to encourage them to go ahead with it.

Everything is great until you push them beyond their limits. If they are uncomfortable about something give them space and let them know you are there whenever they need you.

As a parent you want your child to succeed but it does not mean you are allowed to pressurize them to win or perform best in a competition. Don’t make them feel you are interfering a lot otherwise they might hold their thoughts back or resent carrying out an activity.

5. Nurture their natural talents

It’s understandable that it’s difficult for you to identify your child’s natural or inherent skills when they are young. But once they grow older you should discover their flair and take measures to cultivate it further.

Each child is born with some innate gifts and it’s important to nurture them and help your child reach the next level. These natural instincts may connect with other interests. And offers a gap that your child can fill by brushing those skills and carving them into a talent.

You can push your child to enroll in music classes if they can sing well. Make them participate in speech competitions if your child is good with words. CBSE schools of Bangalore have different cultural clubs for music, dance, sports, debate, etc.

Students register in these clubs on the basis of their natural interests. Over time these talents become their passion and it gets easier to choose a career path.

6. It’s time to challenge them

To an extent, it’s fine to let your child stay in their comfort zone. But with time they need to explore the world and arenas that they find challenging. For being strong individuals they need to get their hands dirty with a wide array of activities.

It will increase their confidence and self-esteem. They’ll feel like if they can perform satisfactorily in something they don’t enjoy then it’s possible to become unbeatable or invincible in their own area of expertise.

For example, your child may not be good at sports but giving him a taste of physical games will only make him more passionate.

7. Share your own interest with them

Your young one can’t realize the meaning of passion until they can comprehend it. In order to have a passion they first need to understand what it is like to be passionate. They may have one. It’s just they are unaware of it yet.

When you share your own interests, it helps them to figure out what makes them feel the same or is there anything they are enthusiastic about. You have to lead by example to make them discover their own passion

ICSE schools of Bangalore conducts career workshops each year and successful alumni share their success stories. This ignites a fire within the students to find their respective passion and work hard to achieve them.

Manisha Kanwar

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